What does your weekend look like?

Before the 12wbt, my weekends were pretty lame. I didn’t really go outdoors much. So I spent most of it in my house, watching tv and surfing the internet.

Today, we have a rock climb, a bush walk with the kids or a swimming pool outing on the cards.

As far as food, as odd as it seems (considering how bad my diet was at all times) weekends were a free pass. Slices and slices of toast, fatty bacon and eggs when I could be bothered and just junky meals or takeaway.

This morning, I really did feel like eggs. Actually an egg and bacon roll. So I had it. For 300 calories.

My weekends now are about my choices.

Old weekends looked a bit like this:


New weekends look like this:

It’s a choice. What are you choosing this weekend?

Sailor Vee