Water – as told by the Water Goddess!

One of the lovely ladies I am lucky enough to call my friends has achieved (and still is achieving!) AMAZING things on this program.

Tonnes of weight loss in the last 12 months, placed in the Top 20 for Transformation in one of her rounds and overall, just a phenomenal team member and person.

Her name is Leanne, better known as I Will Rock This on the 12wbt forums, twitter (https://twitter.com/IWillRockThis) and instagram .

Leanne – She’s kind of amazeballs.

But what does that have to do with water? I hate drinking water. I truly do. If I drink more than 500mls at a time I feel like I’m going to vomit. I whinge about it. I have reminders that go off on my phone and an app to make me drink enough each day. But I do TRULY know how awesome it is – do you?

See the below kick-ass post from Leanne about water and why it’s where it’s at for weight loss!

I’ve just been reading Men’s Fitness magazine and there is an article in there about water. I know I bang on about how important it is to drink water quite a bit, but this article has some really good points, so I am going to summarise it here for you guys.

Water is a great fat loss tool, with the fatty acids in your fat cells more readily available to be broken down if youre consuming enough water. For those who exercise, water is important in fighting muscle breakdown. Dehydration is very damaging to the body. When dehydrated, the body releases higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which SLOWS the metabolism and tells the body to store fat while eating away at muscle.

Also, when you are dehydrated, your body’s normal functions do not function as efficiently – especially things like the good old number 2’s. Some people can have up to 10 kilos of waste sitting in their colon (I am not kidding). Without enough water in the body, the waste disposal system becomes sluggish, and things “back up” so to speak. Drink enough water, and you not only get rid of excess fluid that you might be retaining, but your waste disposal system begins to function effectively and not only will the results show on the scales, but I guarantee you will have more energy and feel so much better without all that waste sitting in your body.

The rule of 8 glasses (2 litres) doesnt take into account diet, activity level and environment, meaning that many of us going by this rule are often dehydrated. Coffee and tea are diuretics, which means they cause us to lose fluid without us absorbing the nutrients we need from it. In our climate, water consumption should be higher. If you think you are safe from fluid loss while working in an office, think again – air conditioned/heated areas promote dehydration due to the dryness of the air. This causes the skin to lose moisture that needs to be replaced, therefore lowering fluid levels.

Drinking the large amounts of water that I do I am convinced was part of the reason that I have had so much success doing the 12wbt. Because I was always properly hydrated, gave my body the nutrition it needed by eating properly, it was able to work away at building muscle and burning away those years of fat.

I can’t stress the importance of water enough, girls, so drink up!!!

There you have it peeps, advice from one of my gurus. So lets raise a glass (of water) or 12 to Leanne!


Sailor Vee