I’m here!

Yay for Sydney.
Yay for seeing my amazing shrinking friends.
Yay for some time away.

Are you ready for a surprise? This isn’t even one I planned!

Check out the email I got this afternoon!

Congratulations! You are one of the Top 20 Finalists for Round 3, 2012!! The Top Three Transformations, Lean & Strong, Blogger, Quiet Achiever and Inspirational Role Model Award will go to one of the 20 Finalists! You should be so proud you’ve made it to the Top 20 out of thousands of people!

Wow. Crazy wow. It’s very cool and a lot overwhelming but I’m going to be up on stage on Saturday with Michelle Bridges and 19 other people who’ve kicked assume this round, each working towards being the best version of themselves.

I’m pretty chuffed. And quite a bit ‘so nervous I could spew’. But mostly excited. I’ve been calming myself down by taking photos of myself in the hotel mirror. Hey, don’t judge it as a relaxation method until you’ve tried it. Then share the pics. Because sharing is caring. And I do.

Goodnight all,

Sailor Vee


PS – Stay tuned for more exciting SURPRISING adventures!