Operation “Short term, Hardcore” has begun.

So it’s on.

By the time I fly out to Sydney, I want to be as fit as I can be, as lean as I can be and know that I’ve worked super hard for all of it.

My first session yesterday morning with Corey (who may be henceforth referred to as Mega Trainer) was ….. GREAT. You know it’s going to be a good session when after the very first set of exercises you feel more muscle burn than you have all week. And when you cry (not a lot, just a bit of wimpering).

Corey is fairly unrelenting, but without any of the yelling or scariness that I imagined having a personal trainer would be like. Unrelenting in the workout style too. None of the awesome switching between exercise sets or alternating upper and lower body that I’m used to. Really, we just smashed my legs for an hour.

And burned (wait for it) 704 calories in the hour. Holy snapping duck poop.

And then I did cardio.

And then I came back to the gym that night and did more cardio.

I expected to be leg-dead today but I think the cardio flushing the lactic acid out, the bucketload of magnesium I took, the high protein diet and the water have all contributed to me being only partially leg-dead. The good dead, where it hurts, but I can still walk.

Today I was left unsupervised by Mega Trainer and the day’s workouts included a long cardio session with core work (I wish I was more dedicated at this!) and then a night time cardio session too.

And the food – everyone wants to know what the food looks like. Well, like this:

Tasmanian Salmon portion, brown rice with spinach, garlic and snow peas

The body builder diet isn’t half bad!

Tomorrow bright and early is another session with the Mega Trainer. I live in fear (justified) of him telling me we are doing arms tomorrow.

But I know he will. Stand by for the tears.

Sailor Vee