What I’ve learned about binge eating.

I’ve learned that I don’t really do it anymore. At least, not the way I used to.

Previously, one of my ranting “stuff the universe, I’m fat anyway” binges could look a bit like this:


Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

This week, I’d had a big workout, the Captain was away working late and I was STARVING. That deep, annoyed but still not entirely physical hunger. I wanted to just eat and eat and eat.But my meals had been well planned and I didn’t have any ‘permitted’ calories left to spend on my 12wbt plan.

But eff it. I was hungry. Aaaaaargh!! I binged. And I felt bad and annoyed with myself. But then I stopped hating and took stock. My binge looked exactly like this:


Yep, identical to that. It was a wholegrain bread sandwich with lean meat and salad. And a MASSIVE bowl of airpopped popcorn completely free of butters, oils or anything other than a sprinkle of sea salt. The ridiculous binge that I was so annoyed about came to a whopping total of just under 450 calories.

In the top picture is a packet of mint slice biscuits. That’s 913 cals right there. Ouch.

So what I’m taking away from this is that I need to stop hating. I’m really getting this. And no doubt there is going to be days when I eat more than I plan, or things that aren’t in my plan – but it’s okay. That’s life. And these days I live it.


Sailor Vee