When am I going to be cool enough for jumpsuits?

When you are obese or overweight, there are clothing items you think about wearing but know it’s either an impossibility or just a very very bad idea. As someone with a pretty keen interest in fashion this always irked me. Not enough to make me do anything about it for a long time, but quite a bit. On my list were things that I’ve always thought looked pretty cool. Things like dark wash skinny jeans with flat long riding-style boots over them. And short sparkly dresses.

Clearly I’ve progressed to the stage where these are very happily a major part of my wardrobe.

But also on the wishlist? The flowy jumpsuit. I’m not sure what it is about them! Maybe it’s because I theoretically fit the criteria that they are supposed to suit? I’m tall, broad shouldered, not particularly (or at all) busty but otherwise pretty proportional.

I like the idea of effortless cool. I like the idea of wearing jersey because it feels like pajamas but looks chic. I like the idea of some of these:


The fear is always there though. What if I look fat? What if it’s a BAD jumpsuit and I look like a poorly stuffed teddy bear?. Like this:


It’s the fashion step I haven’t quite managed to take yet. And yes, I’m aware that I could just go and try one on but a) I don’t try things on in shops and b) I never see anything in the same vein that I’d like when I do venture to the shops. I’m an online shopping kinda girl 🙂

On the upside, my endless browsing has led to finding gems like this. Guess what the Captain will get for Christmas if he doesn’t behave…..



Sailor Vee

School Pick-up Mum!

I have this thing about not looking like a dag when I pick my son up from school. Dropping him off, I am almost always in gym gear because it suits me to go straight to the gym – but in the afternoon I like to at least try to make an effort. I’m not sure why, but it makes me happy.

By make an effort, not a lot of thought goes into it. It’s mostly jeans in a season appropriate way. Skinny jeans with long boots was my autumn and winter staple. I’m still finding my way this spring, but am leaning heavily on closed toe wedges for comfort but a little bit of pretty.

Also important is that I am still on a super tight clothing budget while we sort out what to do with the finances post-business-apocalypse (refer: the rest of my blog) so the below outfit is a good example.
School Pick-up Mum!
From memory the top was $20 from Big W. It’s a cotton slub fabric and has a good weight so sits nicely. Also has some subtle details on the wrists and joey pouch which make it less sweatshirt and more light sweater.

The jeans are from Coles spin-off line called Mix Apparel. I got them when they opened and they were an impressive $8. They were also 2 sizes too small so I just ADORE slinking around in them now 🙂

The shoes are from Payless. I’ve had them forever and can’t really remember how much I paid for them but I’m thinking not more than $30, which is about my mental limit on ‘cheap’ shoes. They are a nice smooth leather though and have lasted really well.

So please, play with Polyvore, show me what you other mummies in the blogosphere wear.

What’s a girl to wear?

Is it weird I bought my fun run outfit before I’ve posted in the entry forms to any of the fun runs? I decided on the tshirt and the little shorts. They look really sweet together and while I admit the shorts DO have an animal print, it’s tonal and not overbearing. They are as subtle as shorty-shorts get.
Looking forward to rocking these out shortly!