I’m going on a (kinda) holiday…

Exciting stuff hey? But wait, what is the difference between a holiday and a (kinda) holiday?

Today I fly out with my Mama to a health retreat. Where I am excited is that I get to train a lot. Where I will struggle is that I will have to surrender control of my food choices (or go hungry!) for a week. AND DID I MENTION THERE IS NO COFFEE?!!!!

But it’s for the greater good.

You see, I love exercise. And fitness. And healthy foods. The thought of being somewhere where ALL that I need to do is train twice a day, eat five times a day and spend my free time being relaxed and reflective is pretty much my idea of heaven.

But for my Ma, that’s not quite the case yet. She and exercise haven’t really become best friends yet. Or even acquaintances. Not even the facebook type. So she is coming with me to test the waters of training and to have some relax time as well. It is not her idea of heaven. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s pretty scared of what it will be like. But she loves me enough to want to come and spend time with me there anyway.

And that is a good place to start.