Full Hearts and Ugly Blue Houses

I mentioned on the Sailor Vee facebook page the other day that I am unreasonably attached to an ugly little blue house.

It’s true. It’s a 70’s horror-show fibro/render house the size of a shoebox with so many ‘unique features’ that I honestly don’t mind when people don’t ‘get it’ the way that I do. But I love that house.

I love that my brand-new husband held my hand when we clambered through knee-high grass on our first inspection of it.
I love that it felt like home to my gypsy soul the second I stood inside.
I love that it was our first home together.
I love that I was pregnant there, brought my firstborn home to there and cuddled him to sleep staring out to the river there.
I love that when the Captain’s work took us away and I started to feel horribly lost, as soon as I was home to the blue house, I was home.
I love that even though we don’t live there anymore, one day we will take the blue house down, being grateful for the roles it played and build the house that the Captain and I will grow old in on that site.
I kinda love that NO-ONE feels the same about that little blue box of weirdness as we do.
I love knowing that my heart and mind are open enough to love something or someone unconditionally.

The little blue house is a reminder that things don’t need to be perfect, to be perfect for me.

Have a fantastic day my Lovelies,