Eff You Gluten Free Bun!!


I was so excited for my home-made lunchtime open sandwich with avocado, baby spinach, tuna and parmesan. Been thinking about my Saturday lunch for about two days as I’ve not really been doing bread-type carbs much lately.

Today was the day. I assembled it, put it under the griller, got it out, resisted the urge to instagram a photo of it (I’ve been told it’s super boring of me to catalog everything I eat!) and am about to enjoy it when…..failure.

I’ve been brutally let down by the gluten free bun which turned into sawdust the second I picked it up.

Help me gluten-free warriors – will I ever find the perfect gluten free bread replacement?

This was the one I tried today:


Still sad. I want a sandwich. Instead I picked at a plate of the topping while the ‘tank child’ we call kid#2 licked the crumbs that should have been a bun directly off my plate. So now I’m both disappointed and a little grossed out by my offspring.

Any ideas on making living gluten free less suck-tacular?