What happens in Brisvegas…..

… winds up on youtube.

Just putting the following out there right now.

I worked hard last round (round 4 2012) at not working hard. Having lost 41kg I decided that I wanted time to ‘be’. To see what happens when I just live my life, train because I enjoy it and eat the foods I like (because I happen to prefer eating good foods now).

What happens is that I arrived in Brisbane for finale exactly 200 grams heavier than 12 weeks previously in Sydney. I am wrapt with that.

What was important to me during the round was enjoying this new quality of life I’ve been working towards for so long. To expand and build my strength but to be lighthearted with it. As someone who has been prone to lose perspective about my body image quite easily, I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t dependent on seeing the numbers decrease.

I’m not. I’m healthy. Fit, Strong and Happy. And I don’t give a damn about the numbers.

I’m also quite prone to being led in silliness in the company of amazing people. Which leads me to my routine end of round video. This one is officially the craziest weekend we’ve had. Lots of laughs, wine, great conversation, wine, food, walks, wine and swimming.

Lots of love and talk soon!!

Me + 500 Days – 43kg

I had a busy day. I was at work (yep, back to gainful employment) and then I did a workout and only then did I get a chance to check out my phone.

One of my lovely friends who has been a constant companion on this lose weight/gain life adventure pointed out that we signed up to the 12wbt program 500 days ago today.

It bounced around in my little head for quite a while. And as I was walking, on my own – I recorded a quick note about what 500 days has meant for me.



Homeward Bound

Sitting cross-legged on the filthy carpet in a departure lounge, it’s hard to imagine this has been one of the most fun, inspiring, liberating and glamorous weekends of my life.

Right now I’d settle for a seat.

Full recap with exclusive behind the scenes access and photos to come ASAP.

See you soon,

Sailor Vee

I’m here!

Yay for Sydney.
Yay for seeing my amazing shrinking friends.
Yay for some time away.

Are you ready for a surprise? This isn’t even one I planned!

Check out the email I got this afternoon!

Congratulations! You are one of the Top 20 Finalists for Round 3, 2012!! The Top Three Transformations, Lean & Strong, Blogger, Quiet Achiever and Inspirational Role Model Award will go to one of the 20 Finalists! You should be so proud you’ve made it to the Top 20 out of thousands of people!

Wow. Crazy wow. It’s very cool and a lot overwhelming but I’m going to be up on stage on Saturday with Michelle Bridges and 19 other people who’ve kicked assume this round, each working towards being the best version of themselves.

I’m pretty chuffed. And quite a bit ‘so nervous I could spew’. But mostly excited. I’ve been calming myself down by taking photos of myself in the hotel mirror. Hey, don’t judge it as a relaxation method until you’ve tried it. Then share the pics. Because sharing is caring. And I do.

Goodnight all,

Sailor Vee


PS – Stay tuned for more exciting SURPRISING adventures!

What does 12 weeks of kicking ass look like?

Sound today marks the last weigh in day for the 12wbt Round 3 2012. Final photos are due in by midnight. Eeek.

My stats are as follows:

In the 12 weeks I have lost 14.3 kilos.

I’ve lost 35.4 cm off my body.

I’ve had an AMAZING time training for the last 5 weeks on ‘Operation Short Term Hard Core’ with Corey (aka Mega Trainer) from Motivate Fitness Solutions (suss them out on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/motivatefitnesssolutions)

And… this is what is looks like:

Round 3 Results; August 26 – November 14, 2012

I’m so happy with the work I’ve done this round, and really looking forward to the challenges ahead in Round 4 – bring on more weights, less bodyfat and more awesome 🙂

First thing tomorrow morning I’m off to Sydney for some SURPRISES, insanely awesome massive group workout and the finale. As well as hanging out with my Shrinker friends.

Post soon!

Sailor Vee

Oooh, party time!

One of my favourite parts about the 12wbt is the end of it! Just kidding, what I really mean is the finale party. It’s a great opportunity for me to take a mini break away from the kids (and often The Captain as he’s never free to travel) to hang out with my friends, get dressed up and have a blast.

So, invites have been sent out and the theme this round is “A Midsummer’s Milestone”. I’ve designed and am wearing this:


It’s a blush pink, chiffon, a bit of lace, some beading and so pretty. It’s also clingy through the hips, tummy and butt and I feel awesome and proud whenever I put it on.

All I need now is shoes. I’ve been to a party in this location before and partying on the concrete floor KILLED me. Admittedly I was about 20 kilos heavier than I am now, but it was bad. So I’ve decided I want wedge heels as they’ll be hidden under the dress.

I’d love a bit of whimsy like these:

Oh yes, the heel-less wedge!

So excited. Can’t wait for my fashion, fun and friends in Sydney this year for the 12wbt finale!


Sailor Vee