Oooh, party time!

One of my favourite parts about the 12wbt is the end of it! Just kidding, what I really mean is the finale party. It’s a great opportunity for me to take a mini break away from the kids (and often The Captain as he’s never free to travel) to hang out with my friends, get dressed up and have a blast.

So, invites have been sent out and the theme this round is “A Midsummer’s Milestone”. I’ve designed and am wearing this:


It’s a blush pink, chiffon, a bit of lace, some beading and so pretty. It’s also clingy through the hips, tummy and butt and I feel awesome and proud whenever I put it on.

All I need now is shoes. I’ve been to a party in this location before and partying on the concrete floor KILLED me. Admittedly I was about 20 kilos heavier than I am now, but it was bad. So I’ve decided I want wedge heels as they’ll be hidden under the dress.

I’d love a bit of whimsy like these:

Oh yes, the heel-less wedge!

So excited. Can’t wait for my fashion, fun and friends in Sydney this year for the 12wbt finale!


Sailor Vee