Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

A very wise man called Jim Rohn (if you do nothing else in 2014, look him up and read EVERYTHING) once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Whoa. That’s a bit confronting to a lot of people. I mean, for the most part we LOVE the people in our lives that we spend the most time with but do we want to BE those people?

What I found really interesting is that there are aspects and parts of all of those people that I would love to have. And other parts that might make me throw myself under a bus if I developed. Focus on the parts you wish to cultivate in yourself obviously. And stay away from buses.

But what if you are bit like me and want MORE?

Well, if that is the case Jim Rohn’s statement is also incredibly hopeful. It reminds us that we are not stuck being who we are now. If you want to be fitter – surround yourself with more fit people. Join a gym, or a running group or a sports team. If you want to be smarter – surround yourself with more smart people. Find a book club, take an adult education class in something that interests you or just spend more time at the library! If you want to be wealthier – surround yourself with more people who have done and are doing well for themselves in business – you’ll find they are more willing and open to sharing knowledge than you think!

The human potential for change and improvement is one of the greatest tools we have in living the life we want.

So consider the top five, top ten, top twenty people in your life. Acknowledge them for the characteristics they have that you admire and cultivate them in yourself. And if your circle is smaller than you’d like or lacking in areas that you wish to be stronger? Take the leap to meet people that you would be happy to become the average of!

Dream Big! Kick Ass! Repeat!