Well played Universe…Well Played.

I’ve posted a bit on social media of the last few days about coming to terms with the fact that I don’t want to keep fighting my body. I became aware that while I do love competing and pushing my body through a competition preparation in order to be lean enough to get up on stage and REALLY celebrate the work that I put in to my fitness – I want to be gentle to myself too.

What this means is that while I am still preparing to compete during 2014, I’m doing so being more mindful of my health, balance and my happiness. I’ve moved to a way of eating that is more flexible and family friendly (IIFYM) so that I can eat more meals with my family and live like a real person. I’ve moved my supplements to a more wholesome and beneficial range so that I’m not loading myself up with more chemicals than I need. I’m trying to be more chilled out about my expectations of myself really.

It’s nice. I woke up this morning pumped and full of energy, had my breakfast, had my supps, went to the gym to train a PT client and then had a training session with Coach Corey. I felt awesome. Good deadlifts, good back and shoulders – feeling strong, feeling like I’m where I want to be.

It’s nice, this sense of peace and lack of urgency.

Then the doorbell rings.

It’s the Fed-Ex man with a small parcel containing three of the most beautiful stage bikinis ever.

I try them on.

They fit.

If I kicked my own ass they’d look great on stage sometime soon.

But I’d need to kick my own ass to do it in time.

This is me shaking my fist at the Universe. Well played Universe, very well played.


Accountability is a Bitch…. But I like her anyway


I’m home from my epic journey away. It was awesome. There were wedding gowns, tuk-tuks, zoo animals, cocktails, shouting Indian tailors, skimpy swim-wear and monkey backpack that made people cry. No, I wasn’t stuck in a Baz Luhrman movie – it was just a family holiday to Thailand. It was very cool.


now I am home. And as always, looking for new goals and adventures.

Adventure One – I am a qualified personal trainer now!! With clients and everything. I’m really excited to be working with people and sharing the epic awesomeness that it is to do something amazing for your own health and fitness.


Adventure Two – I’m ready to move my own fitness up to the next level. I love being healthy. I love being fit. I like being a healthy weight on the lower end of the BMI scale for my height. But what I really want next is to look FIT. Like, ‘proper fit’. I realise that I sound like a twit trying to explain it and I apologise. I guess I just want to test the boundaries again of what I can achieve.


there is a bodybuilding competition in September this year (about 15 weeks away). I’m playing the uncommitted card. I will train my ass off for it and assess if I am ready to compete closer to the date. I want it, but I want to do it well more. If that means I bail and the last moment this year but commit to competing next year I’ll be ready. But the ‘end date’ for my latest challenge will remain show day regardless.


I want to show you where I am starting. This is fresh from a holiday where I both ate at a buffet and swam like a kid twice a day. According to my trusty scales, I’ve come home exactly the same weight as I left. Muscle definition is down though so there is a bit of catching up to do. I am carrying an injury so can’t hit upper weights too hard just yet but will train legs as hard as I can and keep up my cardio. Nutrition is wired tight to bring my body weight down a little and make sure I am getting enough protein and goodies to fuel the machine that I am.

Comp prep sepia 300513


Okay, so it’s certainly not a cover model body yet but I’m excited at the idea of being accountable to all of my invisible interwebz friends (and my mum, I know she reads this!) about how I go each week.

So stay tuned, or flip the channel, but know that I have a bucketful of adventure for the next few months 🙂


Sailor Vee

I like strong butts and I cannot lie…

And, now that I’ve got that in your head alllllll day – here’s why.

One of my favourite things about training with Corey from Motivate Fitness is the brutal but awesome butt (glutes) component of our leg day workout. I seriously got some butt muscle!

While I’m on a training break from Corey, I’m finding the old derriere just isn’t getting the workout it needs.

And it’s not ALL vanity. The glutes are the biggest and strongest muscle in your whole body. Good strong glutes will make you faster, better able to accelerate/decelerate/rotate and extend your hip. They improve your posture and will make sitting down, standing up, walking up hills and up stairs easier and decrease your risk of injury.


And you’ll look smoking hot back on. Bonus.

But how are we doing this? I’m going to get back into making sure I challenge myself on leg days with some heavier weights on exercises like this one:

It looks crazy right? Surely weights that heavy would make you bulky? This girls butt says nuh-uh!!

Kellie Davis - Fitness Model

Kellie Davis – Fitness Model

That amazing bod both on the weights bench and in the photos above belongs to Kellie Davis. Fitness model, heavy lifter, GREAT blogger and owner of a pretty awesome set of glutes. Did I mention she’s also a mum? And a health food nut? Check out her site at http://www.motherfitness.com

But what if you aren’t gym crazy? Want to get some tone into your behind without leaving your living room? Join me in the below butt calendar for January. I’ll be doing it in addition to my normal workouts but even on it’s own you should start to feel the end of flat-butt syndrome by the end 🙂

Print it out. Stick it somewhere you’ll see it and cross off each day with a big texta like a kid!

Tuff Butt January

And for added cardio, stand up and dance like a goon to this right now. You know you want to.

Shake that healthy butt!!

Sailor Vee.

When the Weight is Lifted…

I adore my life. Now.

In the strangest turn of events I somehow lost everything that was dragging me down in one fell swoop this year. The 35 kilos was literally dragging me down. Corey made me hold 2 x 20kg plates in the gym this week and I really wanted to cry at the impossibility that I could ever have been so heavy. At the time though, being that weight was just my reality.

But it’s not just the physical weight. Sometimes because I am SO focused on my goals for the remainder of this challenge, I forget about the ‘other stuff’.

Minor stuff, like the fact I was pushed into selling my shares and leaving my company and feeling a bit lost without it. But again, it’s only now that it’s gone that I realise the enormous weight and pressure I was under.

Being in a working relationship that’s unhealthy isn’t actually much different at all to being in a bad personal relationship. You try to make things okay. You try to please. You live in fear of causing anger or annoyance. You think that it’s just a bad patch you need to get through.

It isn’t. It’s toxic and that fear and doubt pervades every aspect of your life. That was also my reality.

In that way the take-over was very much like a divorce. It was a whirlwind of dealing with the betrayal and ruthlessness by people that you loved, but also that ‘call to arms’ to stand up for what was correct and to protect what I deserved. In the middle of that particular hurricane, the emotional weight was almost unbearable at times. But I did it. And it’s done.

So now I’ve done the job of mentally racking the emotional weights and letting them go.

I’m infinitely lighter. And free.

The weights that I carry from here forward are all of my own choosing.

I saw this today and it speaks so loudly to me and where I am in my own mind:


Sailor Vee

Operation “Short term, Hardcore” has begun.

So it’s on.

By the time I fly out to Sydney, I want to be as fit as I can be, as lean as I can be and know that I’ve worked super hard for all of it.

My first session yesterday morning with Corey (who may be henceforth referred to as Mega Trainer) was ….. GREAT. You know it’s going to be a good session when after the very first set of exercises you feel more muscle burn than you have all week. And when you cry (not a lot, just a bit of wimpering).

Corey is fairly unrelenting, but without any of the yelling or scariness that I imagined having a personal trainer would be like. Unrelenting in the workout style too. None of the awesome switching between exercise sets or alternating upper and lower body that I’m used to. Really, we just smashed my legs for an hour.

And burned (wait for it) 704 calories in the hour. Holy snapping duck poop.

And then I did cardio.

And then I came back to the gym that night and did more cardio.

I expected to be leg-dead today but I think the cardio flushing the lactic acid out, the bucketload of magnesium I took, the high protein diet and the water have all contributed to me being only partially leg-dead. The good dead, where it hurts, but I can still walk.

Today I was left unsupervised by Mega Trainer and the day’s workouts included a long cardio session with core work (I wish I was more dedicated at this!) and then a night time cardio session too.

And the food – everyone wants to know what the food looks like. Well, like this:

Tasmanian Salmon portion, brown rice with spinach, garlic and snow peas

The body builder diet isn’t half bad!

Tomorrow bright and early is another session with the Mega Trainer. I live in fear (justified) of him telling me we are doing arms tomorrow.

But I know he will. Stand by for the tears.

Sailor Vee