I like strong butts and I cannot lie…

And, now that I’ve got that in your head alllllll day – here’s why.

One of my favourite things about training with Corey from Motivate Fitness is the brutal but awesome butt (glutes) component of our leg day workout. I seriously got some butt muscle!

While I’m on a training break from Corey, I’m finding the old derriere just isn’t getting the workout it needs.

And it’s not ALL vanity. The glutes are the biggest and strongest muscle in your whole body. Good strong glutes will make you faster, better able to accelerate/decelerate/rotate and extend your hip. They improve your posture and will make sitting down, standing up, walking up hills and up stairs easier and decrease your risk of injury.


And you’ll look smoking hot back on. Bonus.

But how are we doing this? I’m going to get back into making sure I challenge myself on leg days with some heavier weights on exercises like this one:

It looks crazy right? Surely weights that heavy would make you bulky? This girls butt says nuh-uh!!

Kellie Davis - Fitness Model

Kellie Davis – Fitness Model

That amazing bod both on the weights bench and in the photos above belongs to Kellie Davis. Fitness model, heavy lifter, GREAT blogger and owner of a pretty awesome set of glutes. Did I mention she’s also a mum? And a health food nut? Check out her site at http://www.motherfitness.com

But what if you aren’t gym crazy? Want to get some tone into your behind without leaving your living room? Join me in the below butt calendar for January. I’ll be doing it in addition to my normal workouts but even on it’s own you should start to feel the end of flat-butt syndrome by the end 🙂

Print it out. Stick it somewhere you’ll see it and cross off each day with a big texta like a kid!

Tuff Butt January

And for added cardio, stand up and dance like a goon to this right now. You know you want to.

Shake that healthy butt!!

Sailor Vee.