Giving it away for Free! Competition TIme!

Double passes that is!!

Exciting news guys, the promoters of the Australian Fitness & Health Expo ( have asked me to giveaway 3 x double passes for the Saturday or Sunday (20th or 21st of April 2013)!

So I’m running a ‘post your workout pic’ competition this week and will randomly choose three winners.

Feel free to share and encourage people to be involved! I’m actually flying over for it so I’m keen too! People can enter here –

Not sure what a blatant fitness/gym selfie looks like? Have you met my friend Sarah?

My other friend Cathy?

See, it’s easy! Get your gym gear on, get your workout on and get snapping! Post it on the competition link and you could come and hang out with me and a million other (well, lots anyway!) people at the biggest fitness expo in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why wouldn’t you?

Come on – post them here –

YAY and talk soon!
Sailor Vee

So…what have I done lately?

I’m finding it tough to start to tell people that I’ve sold my company – it was such a defining characteristic of mine to be ‘an owner of xx’. Of course I always put a positive spin on it and explain what I’m doing next and how exciting and revolutionary that will be, but it’s still tough.

I had a giggle today when I was again telling the story of what’s happened with the company when a fellow mum at school pick-up asked me what I’d done with my time since then. Essentially it breaks down like this:

I should NOT have read those books. Written them in that time? Sure. Read them, no.

Oh well, I’m getting there. Right?

Sailor Vee