Oh God, people read my blog

Today is weird.

Yesterday I sort of knew that people read the blog because I get nice emails from time to time and some strange ones asking about my underwear.

And then the weekly challenge for the 12wbt was announced as the blogger challenge and I (oh so humbly) nominated myself thinking that would be the end of it. But then a friend supported my nomination which was sweet. And then other people nominated me. People I don’t really know yet!

Of course, Murphy’s law makes it all happen the day I get brave enough to put my high weight (112kg!) and before photo on the page for the first time. I was thinking only my handful of my underwear stalkers would read and understand and even that was frightening. Opening up and being honest (as Mish would put it arms wide open – gut wrenchingly honest) to the whole of the 12wbt family is truly scary. But liberating. And the comments here have been so lovely.

But now I know you are there. Not just the underwear stalkers, but real people. Quite a few of you. And it’s a challenge to me.

You probably aren’t keen on BS stories. You want to know what I’m doing, whether I’m winning or losing and you may even care what I think about stuff.

I don’t want to let you down. I don’t want to let me down either. So hold on, it’s going to be an awesome ride 🙂

For the record, my underwear is not that interesting.

This may be where I’m going wrong.


Sailor Vee