The Paleo Problem (or why I’m being a #foodwanker)

We hear it all the time: you should be the hero of your own story. But most days, that’s easier said than done!

Today, take 5 minutes to imagine how you could rewrite the story of your health, starring you as the superhero. What would your hero costume be? Would you have special superpowers? Is there a way to start acting a little more like that hero right now?


I have chosen to be a super food wanker! Pardon the crass term, but a friend of mine uses it to describe a near-secret faction of healthy-food aficionados and it appeals to me right now.

A #foodwanker puts intense effort into their food. There are clever, health-ful ingredients. There is artsy, fancy plating or presentation ideas. And there is lots of caring about what the #foodwanker is actually eating.

You see, I don’t really care about food. I haven’t for a really long time. If it on my list, I’ll eat it. But sometimes, if it just happens to be on my plate, or the kid’s plates or on a platter at an event but isn’t on my list, I’ll eat it too.

My challenge is to be more of a #foodwanker. Especially as my recent blood tests have indicated that my body is struggling to handle inflammation and insulin and I’m not super keen on being diabetic. Not even a little bit keen to be honest. Diabetes sucks.

So I am doing 30 days of paleo eating and the worry I have about feeling restricted to no dairy, no gluten, no grains, no sugar and no alcohol for a month needs a way to be alleviated or I’ll go nuts. Activated nuts.

So my super power will be to care more deeply about food than I ever have before. Beware the foodporn and ridiculous hashtags!

Of course, the flip side to Paleo and any lifestyle so heavily focussed on organic, leafy, grass-fed, patted-twice-daily, holier-than-thou produce is that you can come across looking a bit, well….. like a smug ass-hat.

I am trying super hard not to do that. Because I am not in anyway smug (or even a foodie) and have already had a laugh that I might ever be considered a #paleofoodwankermum. However, #kid2 stole most of my chia custard and liked it so I gave him one #cleaneatingkids #notoxinsformybabies #bettermumthanyou (oops, perfect example of smug ass-hat moments!)

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Chia and Coconut Custard topped with blueberries and Chopped Almonds

Chia and Coconut Custard topped with blueberries and Chopped Almonds

A jar full of salad - tres #foodwanker!

A jar full of salad – tres #foodwanker!

Sorry in advance,


What do you say?

I have a friend who is having trouble in their marriage.

And this friend exists. I don’t mean it in a ‘I have this friend who keeps a blog and is obsessed with all things Michelle Bridges and baby spinach’ way. This shit is sadly real.

I’d love to give them the advice they asked me for. Hell knows, my own marriage to the Captain has had it’s challenges and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve had times where I wanted to leave and I know for sure that he did almost leave me. But somehow we’re still here. And stronger than ever.

But why?

My advice would sound simplistic and probably stupid to someone in the throes of real unhappiness. I guess it is simple, but after a decade, it still doesn’t feel stupid.

Commit to the journey.

More than anything else in the world, I am committed to my husband and my family. Unless the world ends (or something literally as life altering) I’m married.

He’s not the man I married. He’s that plus the experiences and growth of time. I’m most certainly not the woman he married. I’ve been challenged (and no doubt challenging!) have grown and am a better person because of it.

If we were playing the short game, it would have been over years ago.

My beautiful friend Jane gave me some amazing Christian advice while surviving the business ordeal. Life has seasons, and some are crappy. But seasons change. You just need to learn to weather the season you are in. I probably paraphrased that as I’m pretty sure the word ‘crappy’ isn’t in the bible though.

But even the gist of that idea is right for me, in my life and experiences.

But for every tidbit of advice that I’ve found useful over the years both personally and in business there are THOUSANDS that made me mad, made me hopeless or at least something other than hopeful.

So I haven’t offered advice to my friend. I’ve offered my shoulder and my time but I’m not sure that anyone outside a marriage can really offer advice to those inside it.

With the wind missing from my sails,

Sailor Vee