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Are you a reader who’d like to contact Sailor Vee personally, or find out more about commenting on, the twitter account (@sailorvee) or the facebook page (
Or do you have a product or service to promote, or a guest post to pitch, or an exciting partnership idea?

This is the place to come first so that the Sailor doesn’t accidentally ignore your email, delete your comment, or otherwise do something rude and thoughtless!

To Reach Sailor Vee by Email:

1. Assemble her address. In an effort to avoid spam harvesting robots, let’s make this as complicated as possible, shall we? Start with bellafountain and then use the symbol for “at” and then note that  gmail comes next and it ends with dot com, and you should be all set.

If this is too confusing, leave a comment on a recent post admitting you couldn’t follow this explanation and if you’re not a spammer she will find you and help you.

General Blog Questions and Comments:

Comments are most welcome! Unless they’re spam, the Sailor reads and treasures every single comment, because Sailor Vee readers are awesome.  And she tries ALWAYS to reply individually 🙂 So you may want to check back in a few hours or days, or see if that little “subscribe by email” link at the bottom of the comment form works for you to let you know about comment replies. Also, you may want to try replying to other people’s comments, and then the Sailor will weigh in again too, and then, voila: a conversation!

If you’d like to talk about something personal and feel to shy to leave it in a blog comment, feel free to use the email address above.

Promote Your Products or Service:

Advertising:  Surprisingly enough, Sailor Vee gets a lot of traffic and has a pretty decent google page rank for such a scatterbrained health and fitness blog. 🙂 The blog in the future will look into accepting a limited number of text and banner ads. The Sailor will also write sponsored posts.  She insists, however, on disclosing a sponsorship relationship if one exists though this can be done unobtrusively.

Email her for more details and rates, as these change depending on demand and whim. 🙂

Note: Not all products and services are a good match for the beloved Sailor Vee readership so cranky Sailor may not respond for example, to proposed ads featuring words like “colonic,” “gaming,” “miracle,” or “manhood.”

Guest Posts:

Sailor Vee will consider taking on  guest posts from other bloggers and businesses. If you are trying to get a post with links to your commercial site, consider sponsoring a post that the Sailor writes or collaborates with you on! This is a great way to get your site noticed and linked.

Reviews and Giveaways:

The Sailor does LOVE free stuff, whether products or services…and is happy to write reviews and run giveaways for her readers. If you have a product or service you think may be a fit with the blog, drop and email through and see how she can help!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Contact Sailor Vee

  1. I want to start loosing weigh by regular exercising and eating clean food. Can u pls help what tupe of exercise that i shouldtry first? How should i start this all process?
    U are trully an inspiration.

    Thanks so much for the help!
    Cheers, poppy

    • Hi Poppy, congratulations on deciding to get started. It’s the biggest step!
      Depending on your current weight and fitness level I would make different suggestions.
      Either way, my first step would be tracking your food/calorie intake (I use a free app like myfitnesspal) to get an understanding of your current food goals). Filling in the profile information on these sites will also give you a suggestion of how many calories you should be having each day.
      With exercise, just start doing something each day. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a swim or a class at the gym – every time you get moving helps.
      Feel free to sing out if you want any further help. I do also do remote coaching for my PT clients if you want more detailed plans and help 🙂

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