Things I’m Loving: Cheeta Recovery Tights

Sooo, it’s not much of a secret that I live in gym tights. Between my own training, working in schools doing physical activities with children and training adult clients – it’s literally the only wardrobe choice that makes sense.

I did a wardrobe clean-out the other day and sorted my clothes. NINETEEN pairs of tights. Crikey. And how many of those went in the to-donate pile? One.

I clearly have a problem.

But you see, I’m fussy. Because I wear them A LOT, I need tights to be dependable. I have basic pre-requisites for my tights. These are normally:

  • Not insanely expensive. I pay for good fabrics but I swear some brands think their tights are made of unicorn skin.
  • LONG or 3/4. Being 5’10, most “full length” tights are 7/8th pants on me and I’ve learned to deal but I love my ankles covered if I can. I won’t even start on the 3/4 tights that are the weird knee-shorts length. Urgh.
  • Versatile. I break this rule OFTEN. Every time I’m buying tights I think, “I should buy tights that I can wear with everything so I don’t need to bother matching anything”. And then I get distracted by WHOA, tiger print, YEE-HAA, giant roses, HEYHEY funky graffiti. So yes, this is a rule but one I will break for the right tight.
  • The sheer-butt issue. This is pretty much a blog post in itself but I’ll keep it short. I’m a PT, whether I like it or not when I am supervising, spotting, coaching clients, I see a lot of tights and know which ones are likely to go see-through. No-one likes it. It’s a pain in the clearly-visible ass.

SOOOO, when Jon from emailed me asking if I’d be interested in trying a pair of their tights – I ran it through the checklist.

  • Pricing – If I was buying a pair, the full length tights are currently $60. That compared really well to other brands I had been looking at.
  • I wouldn’t know the length until I tried them on but the measurements looked promising. The models used didn’t look like teen-tiny humans which is always a clue.
  • They are all black, with a simple small logo on one quad. Super versatile right?
  • Sheer-butt issue – the great unknown. There have been tights from GREAT brands, that I paid A BOMB for that have still gone sheer when I squat or bend. But for a road-test – I was prepared to risk it.

So I agreed, and Jon sent me a pair of these:


When they arrived I did the usual gasp – SO FREAKING SMALL. But they are a compression pant so unstretched and especially new, they looked tiny. The fabric is super soft but matte-finish which I like.

Things I hadn’t noticed on the website was the subtle seam-shaping through the butt and legs too. Also liked.

I tried them on and they are indeed super comfortable. I would describe them as a light compression style tight, certainly not the ‘spanx’ feeling that you get with some. Bonus was that you don’t get the squeezy muffin-topping that you can with those.

The waistband does sit higher on me than in the picture, but as a Mum of two with a c-section lower ab jiggle, I love that. The length was surprisingly good too. I won’t say they were super long but absolutely touching my ankle-bones which is a win.

But I can hear the screaming – Do Cheeta Recovery tights go sheer?? Well, do they?

Well, um, yes and no.

The proper answer is no. I am still wearing mine more than a month after receiving them. Happily training in them, wearing them to work and have even been known to layer them with dresses and boots on the odd occasion I was pretending to have clothes other than gym gear. And on all of these occasions, my butt was indeed not sheer.

But yes, while I was brutally testing them after receiving them, I COULD make the butt go sheer. In order to do that though I had to:

  • Pull them up high on my waist.
  • Pull the legs low down on my ankles.
  • Perform a full ass-to-grass squat or low stiff-legged deadlift WHILE
  • wearing patterned and/or coloured undies.

So really, no. Cheeta Recovery tights are not going to go sheer. I’ve seen much more expensive tights be sheer with far less provocation.

BUT – With all brands of tights, the simple steps for not baring your ass are the same.

  • Choose the right size – for me, this meant sizing up so that I chose tights appropriate for my height not my weight.
  • Put them on properly, like pantyhose (bunch them up, then inch them gradually up your legs evenly).
  • Wear solid coloured underwear.

To wrap up – I’m wearing them a lot, I love them and think they represent really good value. I wash mine 1-2 times a week on average and the logo is still intact (I don’t know about you but I hate the look of big peeling X’s on other tights!).

I train with both weights and spin classes in them a lot and haven’t had any issues with slipping or falling down either. They do have a drawstring but I honestly find the compression enough to keep them in place.

Certainly have a look at them and let me know what you think. I love that they have a money-back guarantee as well!

DISCLAIMER – Jon from Cheeta Recovery did indeed send me a free pair in order to have me road-test them but my opinion is definitely mine. If you’d like to snap yourself up a pair, check out and feel free to use the promo code SAILORVEE to get 10% off. I don’t get a kick-back for that either – I just like making people happy!

Hope that helps in your shopping adventures!

Stuff I’ve Tried – Mana

*Disclaimer – the lovely owners of Mana Blend DID send me a container of their product to try and provide my feedback on. It’s exactly that, MY feedback. Always feel free to ask me questions and call shenanigans if you think I’m being shady :p

Anyway!! This month I’ve been trying….



(As mentioned, YES – this item was sent to me free of charge to try and provide feedback to my readers)

What is it?

Post competing last year, I felt pretty shabby. I was reacting badly to lots of foods, I’d gained more weight than I’d planned to off-season and I was just generally feeling ‘meh’. In the past I had been incorporating a ‘green smoothie’ into my daily routine whenever I started to feel like this. The only issue was, I don’t make my greens smoothies from scratch. For many reasons (mostly laziness and living on the frozen island with limited access to the rarer and more awesome vegies and greens) I was choosing to buy a greens powder. I’d tried a couple, both from big US supplement brands and they tasted pretty sweet and quite good, like strawberries or tropical fruits – which is odd considering neither of those things were listed as ingredients. Plenty of long-name chemical stuff I couldn’t hope to pronounce though :/ Hmmm.

I believe very much in the universe sometimes dropping things into your life at the right time and I was LITERALLY sitting at my desk researching for another greens smoothie that wouldn’t load me with more toxins than it was helping to flush when the owners of Mana sent me a message introducing me to their product line.

Mana is a vegan, raw and certified organic superfood.  Like, really super.  It has 11 ingredient all with crazy wonderful super powers. The magic eleven are cacao, maca, lucuma, yakon, incan spirulina, goji berry, mesquite, chlorella, camu camu, red banana & noni. Some of these I knew about previously, others were completely new to me. The guys have a great breakdown of each of them on this page – Check it out – learn stuff.

What did I get?

I got the 1 Month supply canister of Mana. It doesn’t have a scoop but the serving size is super simple. A serving is a heaped dessert spoon. Mmmmm…dessert. I did read on their site and put into practise that when you are sick or just unwell that a double dose is okay. A couple of times when I was fighting off colds I had a serve in the morning and another later in the day and did find that I was bouncing back from things a little faster.

How do you do it?

With all of the super foods in Mana, a daily dose over time will help your body absorb and utilise all of the goodness. I chose to take mine as part of the Mana Green Smoothie One Month Challenge. Which ironically, is not challenging at all – so easy! The challenge is just to have one Mana smoothie (so using your Mana powder as well as adding dark green leafies and some fruit if you like) and incorporate at least one big colourful salad every day for a month.  (I do need to admit that I cheated and had a big colourful soup some days as the Frozen Island weather sometimes makes eating a cold salad less than enticing.)

The thought behind the challenge is to give your body the best chance to be ‘refreshed’ with the increased intake of the wholefoods and time for you to feel and see the benefits.

So whaddya think?

I have to say the problem with having tried commercial ‘greens’ supplements is you get used to the idea that they can taste like cordial. Sometimes a bit of a yukky cordial, but easily sippable and fruity. Mana is not made of chemicals that make it taste like something else. It tastes like cacao and chlorella and all of the stuff that it is actually made of. And that is a good thing. Is it necessarily a delicious thing on it’s own? Um,  not exactly. It’s not gross. Not gag-worthy or horrid. It’s just not cordial. THAT SAID – I was being a purist and not blending mine with the fruits that you can do. I was drinking it straight. And it was fine. But I think an apple or orange in there would make this easily drinkable  for anyone.

Again, being non-chemical, this is not a supplement that you will take and then within the hour go “OH WOW, So much energy, ALL OF THE ENERGY, ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY!!!!!”. It will also not results in your being comatose levels of tired on the couch in two hours or potential overloading your body with stimulants. The benefits of Mana were definitely more subtle. After a week I noticed that my skin breakouts were all clearing up and my tummy was feeling less irritated after I ate. I had more energy in a very soft ‘feeling well’ way. If that sounds a bit airy-fairy, it kinda is. It’s nice.

Following the challenge was quite easy as I am used to taking shakes and already incorporate salads/soups into most days. I did miss a few days here and there while I was travelling (and not organised to take my Mana with me) but whenever I had access to a kitchen, I was set.

By the end of the month I was pretty wrapt with how my skin was looking, how I was feeling overall and just the knowledge that I was getting all of those nutrients and superfoods in each day is comforting.

As I follow an IIFYM food approach to weight loss and show preparation, I found Mana slots in quite easily to my macros as it isn’t particularly heavy in carbohydrates and has very little protein and no fat.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, I would. What I appreciated most was that the Mana is very clear about it’s ingredients and what is/isn’t in it. It is made by an Australian company,run by two Mamas passionate about health which is so lovely to be able to support.  The month long challenge made me FEEL GOOD , I can make it fit my macros and meet my nutritional goals. Which is a lot for one little product to deliver. :)

NOW – what I would really love for you to do is  find out more about them here –

The creators are just the most lovely passionate people, excited about everyone’s health and happiness. Follow them on facebook by finding them here –

And of course, if you have any questions at all about my experience, ask them here or on the Sailor Vee facebook page and I’m happy to answer them!

Talk soon and oodles of healthy wishes,


Stuff I Tried this Week – Alkaline Extreme Protein

Something new for the blog – stuff I tried! I try a lot of things. Partly because I’m a curious cat, mostly because I have a problem with internet impulse purchasing. So I’ll blog regularly (lol, I’ll try!) about some of these and my thoughts. Mostly these will be things that I have bought for myself however, I have been approached by a few groups to try their products and give them feedback. I will ALWAYS let you know if I have been given a product and even if I have, my thoughts and opinions on the product will ALWAYS BE MY OWN. That’s sorta how I roll. If you are a company or have a product that you want me to try, feel free to have a read of this page here. And yes, I did just blatantly suggest that I will accept free stuff. Don’t judge me. Everyone loves free stuff.

Anyway!! This week I tried….



(Not a free product or sponsored post!)

What is it?

I’d heard quite a lot about it and whenever I’ve asked my facebook friends for suggestions on protein powders and flavours to try, it’s ALWAYS been suggested. Mostly with wacky but amazing sounding flavours like lemon cream pie and cinnamon roll! What??

Why alkaline? According to their website, the protein has been mixed to buffer lactic acid and push it out of your system and is supposed to therefore do all sorts of magical things. I honestly have NO idea if that is a real thing but it sounds good and as lots of my friends love it and the proteins/carbs/fats breakdown of the shake were great I thought I would give it a go.

As far as ingredients go, they are pretty good. I can read and understand all of the ingredients and I’m no scientist 🙂 To give you an idea of the nutritional breakdown, here is the panel from one of the ones I tried:


What did I get?

The problem with buying protein is that it tends to come in HUGE packets which is a problem if you’ve never tried it. And you hate it. Been there, done that, still having shakes I despise or trying to hide that powder in cooking. The very cool thing about Alkaline Extreme Protein is that they do have some sample tubs and I found a couple of ‘take n shake’ type singles serves. I was going for a maximum amount of flavours to try for minimal expense. I ended up with:

alkalineextremechocpeanut2 x 114g sample tubs. I got 1 x Chocolate peanut butter and 1 x Mochaccino

2 x single serve ‘shake & take’ bottles. 1 x Lemon Cream Pie and 1 x Cinnamon Roll

I can’t recall exactly, but I think these cost about $35 or so including crazily fast delivery.

So whaddya think?

I really like this stuff! I’ll preface it by saying that I’ve been living a very low sugar/carb diet for a very long time but the only issues I have is that they taste SO SWEET to me. Like crazy dessert-buffet sweet. But it’s awesome.

I tried the Lemon Cream Pie shaker first. It mixed super beautifully in the little bottle (like an OJ bottle). The powder smelled crazy yum. From first sip, I recoiled a bit at how sweet it was. Again, keep in mind that I have so little sugar that I can’t tolerate fresh apple juice anymore as it freaks my tastebuds out. But the flavour was awesome. Surprisingly, I gave the Captain a sip and he wasn’t a fan at all. He was heading out so didn’t elaborate but I think it was also the sweetness that got to him. The issue I have with really boutique flavours is that it’s harder for me to ‘hide’ my protein powder in real foods when I am trying to have them as something other than a shake. I couldn’t really imagine Lemon Cream Pie in a brownie mix or similar, but as a shake it was great.

I mixed up a shake from the Chocolate Peanut Butter sample tub the next day. Texture was great, chocolately-ness was good. Weirdly, I think I don’t personally like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Love chocolate, love peanut butter – not sure I like them together. But the shake was good.

I tried the Cinnamon Roll shaker at the gym after a workout. HOLY SNAPPING POOP – I loved it. Seriously loved. Yes, it seemed crazy sweet but the flavour was amazing. I was immediately transported to a world where I would make cinnamon roll pancakes, cinnamon roll overnight oats or just have this shake a dozen times a day. That good. Kid#1 said it stank out the car and that he hated it. He wasn’t drinking it, just sniffing me. What can I say, the kid’s a bit weird.

This afternoon I’ve tried the Mochaccino. Coffee and cofffe-type flavours are hard to impress me with and the powder smelled a little weird. But.. It’s good, and strangely was more good  better after I left it for a few minutes (not intentional, kid#2 did this with a vegemite sandwich:


Would I buy it again?

Yep, I think I would. Especially that cinnamon roll. ZOMG I loved it. I’m not 100% sure on the alkaline benefits (only because I haven’t researched it)  but do know that I like the way they taste and I can make them fit my macros and meet my nutritional goals. Which for a protein powder is about all that I ask 🙂

You can find out more about them here –

Talk soon,