Homeward Bound

Sitting cross-legged on the filthy carpet in a departure lounge, it’s hard to imagine this has been one of the most fun, inspiring, liberating and glamorous weekends of my life.

Right now I’d settle for a seat.

Full recap with exclusive behind the scenes access and photos to come ASAP.

See you soon,

Sailor Vee

So I need a ‘daily chores’ list


Most suggested ‘daily routines’ that I’ve read make keeping a house clean sound like rocket science, torture or both. I’m hoping to build a quick routine that I do everyday that will make my life tolerable and eliminate the ‘Snapping duck poop, I have someone coming over’ frantic clean up that I ALWAYS need to do here. I also don’t want to be driven to drink by lunchtime.

Attempt at Daily Chores list one:

  1. Make sure everything in kitchen is clean and put away (after the renovation this will hopefully just be load/unload dishwasher)
  2. Vacuum if required
  3. Make all beds
  4. Spray and wipe over bathrooms quickly
  5. Quick swish of toilets
  6. At least one load of laundry washed, dried, folded and away
  7. All toys in toyboxes

Seriously, if I could achieve all of this every day around my other work and Boy3 toddling after me for the next 7 days it would be a start.

Silent readers out there – do you have a routine? If so, tell me what it is or share where you found it. This little piggy wants to learn!!

Sailor Vee