About the Sailor

It’s a funny story. Kinda.

I’m a young(ish) mum. I’m married. Until 18 days ago I owned a company. I loved it.

My business partners decided that they wanted me out. We negotiated a little, I agreed to be paid out – and such was the last 3.5 years of my life.

So,  this is the re-building phase of my life. At 30, I’m super lucky to have the important things:

  • A man who loves me
  • Two amazing children
  • A family who rocks

What I’m currently lacking (and what this blog will focus on me gaining) is:

  • Any form of income
  • ANY ability to keep a tidy home (having been a career-woman borne of a career-woman, my domestic skills are um, lacking)
  • An acceptable level of fitness and a healthy body weight (I’m not far off either, but it’s important)

Thanks for reading this, I’ll update the ‘about me’ as we go along and I hope to get to know you all as well

Sailor Vee

9 thoughts on “About the Sailor

  1. Wow I though I was the only adult how could keep a house in some sort of order……….. Thank You for being so honest..

  2. Hey Sailor Vee,

    I am looking at the 12wbt, im 39 with a 9 month old, and i need to find me again…..however i lack the motavation i used to have…dont know where its gone, food is a great but weighing friend of mine at any time of the day or night…im 93 kilios and rising if i dont do anything about it….help 😦

    • Hi Kristy, thanks for your message – I totally get where you are at!
      What I find really beneficial is tracking and being HONEST with what I’m putting into my body. I use a great free site and app called myfitnesspal and it will help you track and keep count of the calories that are going in. Awareness is a great tool Just be honest and log EVERYTHING and you’ll start to get a clearer picture of where you are going wrong.
      I love the 12wbt as a framework for getting started, finding your excuses and motivation and providing lots of information.
      That said, I’m totally happy to help you get started. Come back and let me know how you are doing!

  3. Hi SailorVee – I’m a huge fan and love reading your posts. I first heard about you at the 12WBT finale in Nov 2012, I loved the sparkly dress you were wearing & remember asking you where you got it. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Rhonda

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