Goodbye Grandma Winning

I remember being so small that I recognised you by your knees in the airport, because they were the first thing I saw.

I remember you being appalled that I didn’t eat a mango every day, and that my skin burned in the sun.

I remember being terrified of the border security dogs because you stuffed my suitcase (you always said ‘port’) with mangoes to bring home to my mum.

I remember how much you loved Grandad. Even though you called him ‘Silly bugger” and ‘Stupid Old Man’, you did it while holding his hand, or making his cup of tea and looking at him like he was anything but silly.

Your beautiful eyes never missed a thing. Not ever.

I remember that one time you tried to teach me to make marshmallow to enter in ‘The Show’. We set fire to the kitchen. We fed three batches to the dogs. I’m pretty sure you remade it when I was finally asleep. But I remember how freaking proud I was of that first place ribbon.

I remember how little you became at the same rate I became big. How small your hands became against my growing ones.

I remember your music.

Your art.

Your tremendous cooking skills and

Your enormous capacity for friendship.

I remember so much about your strength. You were bad-ass before it was cool to be bad-ass.

You probably wouldn’t like me saying ‘ass’ though. You were a proper country lady, after all.

Everything was your canvas.Canvasses were your canvas. But so were notebooks, paper, recycled boxes, tree bark and rocks.

We were your canvasses. You created such wonderful things with your family. We weren’t raised. We were crafted. With love, and attention to detail.

You were an artist in it’s truest sense. In life, and as a painter, who through the virtue of imagination, talent, skill and passion was able to draw together, sculpt, shape and develop a family of the deepest value and love for you.

I will miss you more than I can even articulate.

Winning Family Queensland

There is a Post I need to Write… But not today.

Someday soon I’m going to need to post. It’s going to be a hard post to write, but I’ll need to do it. For me.

It’ll be the post about how I deal with grief.

I’m (sure as Hell) no counsellor. I have no formal advice to give.

But what I am learning is that somewhere inside, along with my other quirks and issues, is still the food addiction.

I don’t see it anymore. I don’t feel it on a daily basis. I was pretty sure it didn’t even exist anymore. It was a fat-girl problem.

But today, when I heard my Grandma is really unwell, it was like an avalanche.

There was numbness. Then an OVERWHELMING desire to eat. A pizza. A whole one. Or maybe a pie. Or icecream, buckets and buckets of it.

Right now, I’m not eating any of that. But the feelings are still there.

I’ll need to write about that.

But not today.

Today I just need to breathe.


The post where I talk about the Healthy Eating Pyramid..

Nutrition Australia have finally updated their food pyramid for the first time in 15 years. Seriously – FIFTEEN YEARS!! The new pyramid is based on the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines, which was a thoroughly nerdy-wordy 52 pages, refined it back down into the pyramid and get this – it’s pretty fantastic! Not even joking…

I’ve been annoyed by the old pyramid (below) for SUCH a long time. There was so much weighting on heavy carbohydrates, a fairly decent allowance for junk/crap foods and demonisation of fats, healthy or otherwise.

old food pyramid

But wait – Check out the new food pyramid here:

New food pyramid

You see it? All of the amazing-ness?

Here are the major changes:

  • The food pyramid is now separated into five sections… way better than just three! This gives us a much clearer picture of what a healthy diet should look like. You know what I’d love? To turn it upside down! We read from top to bottom and I think it would help to see/read the ‘eat most’ section at the top. But hey, Healthy Upside-Down Food Triangle doesn’t have the same ring to it.
  • The new food pyramid very clearly gives veggies precedence over breads and cereals. Finally!
  • There’s so many greens. From a guess, I can identify bok choy, pak choi, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, basil, rosemary and lettuce – GREEEENS for the win.
  • More nutrient-dense whole grains are included. Like quinoa, cous cous, soba noodles and oats. Carbs are your friend.
  • Fruits and veg have different weighting. The new food pyramid calls for about three times as many veggies as whole fruit. This is exactly what I do with my kids, myself and my PT clients – quality proteins and filling up on veggies first.
  • There’s no junk food at all. Not even in the “sometimes” area like the original food pyramid. Actual REAL food for the masses, yeah!
  • Good fats are actually named up as good. The old food pyramid has margarine and reduced-fat spreads in the “sometimes” food. Now this spot is reserved for healthy fats like olive oil and almonds.
  • Spices and herbs have been included.
  • Avocados are included in the “eat most” section. Now there’s definitely no need to feel bad about having an avo a day
  • Margarine has been taken off the new food pyramid! Not even a food 🙂
  • There’s no allowance for added sugars.

What’s the bad news then? Hmm, there isn’t much. Not really. For a generic suggestion that needs to be broad enough to cover a whole country and therefore can’t possibly take into consideration each individual’s needs and reactions, it’s pretty great in general terms. If I were being really picky, I am still a little iffy on processed soy products like tofu. I don’t do soy at all and with clients who feel they need these in their diets I prefer they lean to the less-processed soy products. And personally, I run better on a much higher fat ratio in my diet. But hey – such an improvement.

So, that’s my thoughts on the new food pyramid, now I’m interested to hear yours. Sing out in the comments!



Check in. Boost my immunity! 16 weeks.

Life with pneumonia is annoying.

I decided I was well enough to go back to work and to my training clients. Unfortunately… The Frozen Island decided to throw me a MINUS TWO DEGREE day to celebrate the first day of winter. I didn’t do so well with breathing and had to cancel my afternoon clients to come back inside. Grrr.

But, as fate would have it, I didn’t start to die until after check-in.

So (keeping in mind I’ve literally been couch-bound all week) here it is!

Weight: – 200 grams down
Tricep: 19mm (down .4mm)
Supra Iliac: 24mm (down .3mm)
Quad: 24.2mm (same)

So overall, I’m pretty happy. I would have been happy with maintaining so any drops are welcome.

And in the glowing words of Coach Adam:

Down is still down. That’s all that matters.

Word. Somebody pat me on the head dammit!

Adam has also reworked my diet. Partially because I’m sick of kangaroo sausages, but also because while I’m sick I won’t be training much at all so I need to reduce my energy intake to match.

Also, we had a good chat today about boosting my immune system. As lots of you know, I’ve had autoimmune issues in the past. I also work with children. And have children of my own. One of whom is in his first year of kinder. I am essentially a giant walking germ-trap!


Like me, Adam feels that a balanced diet from good food choices is the first point. But I’m doing that. So we are adding in a multivitamin in case I’m missing something unknowingly. And vitamin D. And Vitamin C. And garlic supplements.

I’d really like to be bulletproof by next week with all of that going on!

I’ve had a message during the week about what I’m eating – so in its bare-bones form – here it is!

Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Garlic, Multi Vitamin
3 x Eggs

Mid Morning Snack:

Half my sweet potato
Turkey mince

Afternoon Snack:
Protein Powder

Half my sweet potato
Beef mince
2 x eggs

After Dinner:
Protein Powder
Coconut Oil
Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Garlic

So that’s me. For another week. See you soon!