And the Coach says…. (19weeks)

I’m not sure exactly what it sounded like as it was an email conversation but I’m pretty sure Adam’s face was like this:


An excerpt is:

thats a massive drop in weight for not much change in food.  maybe the cardio drained a bunch of fluid out resulting in the weight gain. (I think he means loss)

the leg pinch being down is weird too. normally when a girl drinks it goes straight to their thighs and we see it in the pinch. maybe you got away with it….or it may get you next week.

its honestly hard to know what to do with the food with such a big change.

id rather leave it for another week and see what happens next week.

So – he feels I fluked it and will get the wine-fat-legs next week. So – I get another week to keep these changes, improve on them and get even closer to my goals!

Let’s do it!

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