Check In – 19 Weeks Out

Check in went well. Admittedly, after last week where I had a slight increase in both body weight and fat pinches, I’ve been much better behaved this week!

Weight: -1.5kg
Tricep pinch: Same as previous (19mm)
Supra Iliac pinch: Same as previous (24mm)
Thigh (quad) pinch: -4.2mm (23.8mm)

Also noted were some good drops in hamstring and abs.

I’ve emailed through these to Mr Hayhow along with my summary of how my diet compliance was and how training went.

I was definitely much more compliant with my plan this week (bar the couple of glasses of wine on Friday and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter snuck throughout the week😈)

Training was a bit lacking due to hurting my back on Friday and then being away so that’s certainly something I need to be better with this week.

So… I’m nervously awaiting the reply of the coach.
I’ll get my 19 Week Out progress pic up tomorrow.


19 Weeks out. Check in Photo. No tan, no filters, no escaping there is some serious work to be done.

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