New Pup and Pneumonia

It’s been a LONG, LONG week.

That erky cold and flu-ey thing that has been loitering around in my system for a few week suddenly escalated into proper badness. A scary can’t-breathe, feels-like-drowning badness. A trip to the GP confirmed pneumonia and it’s been a week of trying to stay warm, indoors and sitting/standing upright at all times. Yep, even for sleeping.

I’m starting to pick up now but it’s still pretty rough. I need to get back to work and training clients so will be trying to keep it as easy as I can.

Training has been obviously on the back-burner as lifting when you can’t breathe  (or leave the house) is tricky. Food has been okay but I’ve cut it back a bit as obviously my energy expenditure can’t have been much! I jumped on the scales this morning and my weight is up again. I’m seriously losing my mind about why my body is so freaking irrational about weight loss. I can’t honestly figure out where any gain could have come from but am preparing myself for another sh*tty week at check-in tomorrow and more disappointment from Adam. Ergh 😦

On the upside, we have a new family member:


This is Rome (at the front) and Ollie. Rome is an 8 month old English Springer Spaniel. He was bought by some friends of mine and they LOVED him but the timing and the crazy Springer nature was never great for them. We’d baby-sat him quite a few times to help out and when the idea was floated to re-home him, we were happy to take him in.

It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment. My dog Ollie is 13, super trained and easy to care for. Rome is going to need to start training from scratch and a LOT more exercise. But hey, he’ll be worth it.

So here’s to the last 24hrs before check-in. See you on the flip side!


Eh. Check-In

So check-in didn’t go well.

Whether it’s because I’m sick, or because I haven’t trained enough because I’m sick or because I ate off plan because I am sick…

What – that’s a whole lot of potential issues there 😦

So all I can do is own my results. Step up. Get better. Do better. For the score-keepers though:

Weight – Up 800gm
Tricep 19.4 (up .4)
SI 24.3 (up .3)
Quad 24.2 (up .3)

So yeah. Ouch.

Onwards and upwards.

Blergh. Argh. Snuffle. Cough. Ick


I’m still sick.

I really sook about being unwell, which is very uncool considering –  at worst – I have a cold and maybe a chest infection. There are billions of people in the world doing it tougher than I am right now. So now I’m feeling unwell AND guilty 😦

It’s hard when you are working towards a goal and get sick though. I’m struggling to eat enough (or at all) but my weight is still sitting up on my last check-in weight. Almost a kilo up :/ Nervous about tomorrow now too.

I trained a couple of days ago and that went okay. It stole all my energy for nearly two days though and I’ve decided to hold off on my next session until I pick up a bit.

I also have the niggling fear that being sick is my body sending me warning signs. I’ve said before that my health tends to break down fairly quickly and I’m always watching for it now. The Captain, in his husbandly wisdom, doesn’t think it’s anything to be worried about. And if I can think reasonably, I agree. I’m not run-down. I’m eating a great amount of good quality food. I’m nowhere near over-trained. And I’m sleeping more (or at least going to bed much earlier) than I do when left to my own devices.

I just need this erkiness to bugger-off so I can get back to feeling okay.

But today is Sunday. And Sunday means a frozen-yoghurt date with my kids. So I’m going to wrap up warm, paint some normal looking face back on and go have some fun.

Stay warm, stay healthy,


No Check-in. But Magic Soup (18 weeks)

Nope, I haven’t skipped out on a check-in already! I’m sick.

This week I wasn’t required to formally check-in with Coach Adam so I skipped the whole kit and kaboodle. No jumping on the scales, no body-fat pinches with Kate, nothing.

Its half nice, half worrying. I was just getting back into the swing of it but I understand the rationale behind not doing a check-in while my body is all up in a hormonal flux (which is why this particular week each month is my assigned week off check-in). It makes sense.

Women’s bodies do some crazy stuff and if I was getting bent out of shape over the TWO KILOS my weight jumps up because I had to report it to my Recomp coaches or be worrying about Kate pinching my GIANT PUFFY TUMMY there’s a good chance I’d be tempted to throw in the towel for the week. Instead, I get some breathing space to know this week is more about my body doing what it does, rather than it doing what is a reflection of my actions.

And the sickness… Blergh. I am pretty sure it’s just a cold but I’m a coughing, sneezing, ball of yuck on the couch. So plenty of hot herbal tea, big bowls of veggie soups and early nights for me.

So, magic soup time!

I usually just grab one of these organic packs from the supermarket (or, if you are less snotty and brain-fogged you can save money and buy each vegie separately!)


I finely dice the onion and soften it in the pot with some good olive oil, about 4 teaspoons of minced garlic and 1 teaspoon of minced ginger. When the onions go transparent, I’ll throw in a hefty pinch of dried chili flakes. And a decent shake of good quality Italian dried herb mix.

All the other vegies get peeled and diced and thrown in and stirred well to coat. Then I turn the heat down low, add water to fill the pot and I leave it alone.

About an hour later, I remember I was making soup. Depending on levels of ‘blergh’, sometimes I half-blitz it with a stick mixer but mostly I just ladle it into a comically large mug and eat/drink it like that.

It keeps me alive while I’m sick and I swear it’s making me better.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

With snot and hugs,

And the Coach says…. (19weeks)

I’m not sure exactly what it sounded like as it was an email conversation but I’m pretty sure Adam’s face was like this:


An excerpt is:

thats a massive drop in weight for not much change in food.  maybe the cardio drained a bunch of fluid out resulting in the weight gain. (I think he means loss)

the leg pinch being down is weird too. normally when a girl drinks it goes straight to their thighs and we see it in the pinch. maybe you got away with it….or it may get you next week.

its honestly hard to know what to do with the food with such a big change.

id rather leave it for another week and see what happens next week.

So – he feels I fluked it and will get the wine-fat-legs next week. So – I get another week to keep these changes, improve on them and get even closer to my goals!

Let’s do it!

Check In – 19 Weeks Out

Check in went well. Admittedly, after last week where I had a slight increase in both body weight and fat pinches, I’ve been much better behaved this week!

Weight: -1.5kg
Tricep pinch: Same as previous (19mm)
Supra Iliac pinch: Same as previous (24mm)
Thigh (quad) pinch: -4.2mm (23.8mm)

Also noted were some good drops in hamstring and abs.

I’ve emailed through these to Mr Hayhow along with my summary of how my diet compliance was and how training went.

I was definitely much more compliant with my plan this week (bar the couple of glasses of wine on Friday and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter snuck throughout the week😈)

Training was a bit lacking due to hurting my back on Friday and then being away so that’s certainly something I need to be better with this week.

So… I’m nervously awaiting the reply of the coach.
I’ll get my 19 Week Out progress pic up tomorrow.


19 Weeks out. Check in Photo. No tan, no filters, no escaping there is some serious work to be done.

What’s up?

Yeah yeah, I know. Long time no writey.

Life has been busy. Wonderful but busy.

I’m setting new goals. It’s hard for me as I have really enjoyed the not being held to a strict time-dependent goal the way that competing is. Essentially, comp prep is “look AMAZING and LEAN in xx weeks or you will be an utter embarrassment”.

That’s pretty strong motivation.

There is an INBA show in 19 weeks.

  • I’m in a frame of mind where I don’t mind the dieting.
  • I’m enjoying my training
  • I have some bad-ass coaches
  • I feel like my body is capable of doing what I want of it.


  • It’s a lot of pressure
  • I have a lot on with 2 jobs, 2 businesses, 2 kids, 1 husband and A LOT TO DO
  • My body is notorious for just packing up and falling apart when I stress too much.


All I can do is run it down. Try as hard as I can, staying as mentally balanced as I can and see where 19 weeks gets me.

Who’s keen to follow along? There’s no promises that it will always be pretty, or that I’ll get where I want to be in time – but I promise it will be real.

Weekly check-in is in 2 hours – eeeeeeep!