Mimi likes to French (toast)…

Everyone has a Mimi in their life. Probably not one called Mimi, but hey.
Mim is the type of lady who is so kind and generous that you seriously can’t help but like her instantly.

I first met Mimi at my first ever 12wbt event. I was hiding in the corner, sitting down in the shadows because my feet hurt. Being a whisper under 100kg in stiletto heels will do that. And I was shy. But she spoke to me. Because she was there in the shadows too. We hid together.

Since then, Mimi’s been part of the rowdy posse I’ve partied all over the country with and I love her dearly.

She’s a much better cook than me. And a vastly better photographer. So she melded her skills together for a quick foodie review for you!

Take it away Mimi…..

I hope this is ok x

I am such a breakfast nut, it’s my favourite meal of the day.

Before starting the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program, going out for breakfast was a regular occurrence. I would always steer towards the sweet dishes, I’m talking about the calorific ones ladened a with rich sweet marscapone and adorned with some kind of sugary praline…..

Once I joined the program I was delighted with the variety of great breakfast recipes to choose from. 
The French Toast with Banana, Berries & Maple Syrup looked gorgeous so I created the dish and it definitely ticked all the boxes for me. It looked fantastic and was so delicious.

The combination of berries with banana is so delightful and the maple syrup gives this dish that sweetness I love and at only 321 calories per serve it’s an absolute winner!


Bella here – Ermagerrrd. How good does it look??
You can find the recipe here –

And for more insanely beautiful food porn, make sure you follow stunning Mimi on instagram as @breakfastwithemjay

Have a beautiful day peeps!
Bella xx

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