Yes – I’m doing the 12WBT … Yes – I’m happy to talk about it.

Long time, no post. Sorry peeps. Life gets crazy. So… what the heck have I been up to lately? The answer is A LOT.

So much. But for now, this is the news:

I don’t make any secret of the fact that I followed the 12WBT program when I first started losing weight. It worked for me. It worked in baby steps to help me make better food decisions, to move a little more and and to feel more confident.

I had lost about 35kg with the program before I chose to leave some parts of the program so I could follow a ‘bodybuilder’ diet in order to compete. I kept many other parts of the program and in essence, a lot of what I learned I couldn’t forget if I tried. I’d managed to build a new network of friends all over the country who loved and supported my fitness endeavours and supported me in whatever I did.

I’m open about the fact I eat still in an IIFYM manner. IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros. What that means for me is that I track and alter the levels of protein, fats and carbohydrates that my food comes from. I alter those levels depending on what I am trying to achieve. At the moment, I’m really focussing on getting stronger so that’s what I eat towards.


I was asked to take part in the 12WBT 2015 advertising campaign and it was an honour to accept. I do still believe in the program and the way it is delivered. I feel it has improved A LOT since I first became a member in 2011. I appreciate any business that is prepared to constantly evaluate, listen to science and reason and EVOLVE not because they HAVE to (12WBT’s format has remained crazily popular) but because they WANT to keep improving. Which is exactly what they have done.

So, as part of my involvement with the program – I will be a card-carrying member of the February 4th round of the 12 Week Body Transformation. I will do the tasks that are set for all members (yes, even the ghastly running!) and am super happy to be available to chat, support and encourage other members both new and returning. And yes, the new program is so customisable that I will be staying true to my IIFYM beliefs, accommodating my food intolerances AND still training for mega heavy lifting too!

As well as blogging more, I’ve invited more current 12WBT members to come and guest-blog here so you can hear weight-loss and fitness experiences from people other than me. It’s going to be a fun trip!

If you’d like to know more about the program or even join, there are 4 days left until it all kicks-off and you can read about it here -CLICK ME-

So ask me questions. And I will answer them. Honestly.

In case you missed any of them, here are a couple of my pics from the 2015 12WBT campaign too!

Also – to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of my adventure, feel free to follow me on

Leave me a comment if you are on board too!

Much love and let the adventure begin!!


Bella Bellaafter


11 thoughts on “Yes – I’m doing the 12WBT … Yes – I’m happy to talk about it.

  1. I finally saved up enough money and joined again today – just in time for this next round. I just want to try take each day as it comes instead of getting overwhelmed with it all (like I have in the past). My first 12wbt in May 2013 was amazing but now I’m back to where I was then. I need this! I’ll be following you closely for guidance x Nellyburns

    • YAY Nelly!! You’ll find it’s much more straight forward a second time. Take it in stages, even if those stages are smaller than the chucks 12WBT suggest for you. So so excited to see how you are going!!

  2. Thinking of doing another round tossing and turning as I have fallen of the wagon. I do this all the time should I or shouldn’t I I don’t no why as I know it works.

    • It’s hard Sharon! I know that it really tough. Set yourself a challenge. Something achievable like tracking all of your food for a month. Often, just building that little commitment to tracking is a great start towards making bigger changes. xx

    • Hayley. I KNOW you can. I remember feeling so lost when I started. I could find a million examples of people who had lost weight but none who had KICKED OBESITY IN THE FACE the way I knew I wanted to. Now I’m here on the other side I love being a touch-stone for others on the same adventure xx

  3. Hi Bella, I’m doing the current Feb round and have signed up for the next round (May) which will be my 3rd in total…. and honestly, I’m STILL to lose the same 8kilos I started with… (Exercise, tick. Binge eating, massive tick…. sigh).
    Am interested to hear about your IIFYM philosophy… specifically, do you find a low-carb approach helps combat the sugar-bingeing beasty? (after the 2-3 hump through to ketosis land that is). Renee x

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