Lemme catch you up….

Short post. It’s 9pm and I’m snuggled up in bed. SO very unlike me!

I mentioned in my recent DEXA post that after the freak out of getting a DEXA reading of 32.4% body fat that I sought a second opinion. That was a quick check in on an InBody bio – impedance scanner that came back as 23.8% body fat. AND.. because I am a nutball thorough and scientific,  I booked in to get my body fat measured with calipers by an expert too.

So yesterday morning,  the great Kate from Pro Training calipered me. Having someone in my personal space pinching my fat is less than my idea of fun, but I figured I could cope. Kate is very cool and despite her not actively being my trainer or coach was really generous with her time. Funny story, I can’t recall exactly what the reading was BUT that’s probably because it was nowhere near 32.4%

I think it was 23%. Or at least somewhere near there. Sweet.

So, this is the end of my nuttiness scientific collection of baseline data. The average of my three tests is 26.4% – I’m okay with that.


But what DOES come next?

First goal is to be back under the 20% by calipers and/or InBody fairly soon.

I’d love to do a photo shoot for fun sometime later in the year. Something fitness-y but pretty and fun. No rippling muscle needed, no stress, just as a marker of what I’m up to at this point in my life.

Maybe I’ll compete next year, maybe I won’t.  I love it and missed it this year so will be working in that general direction but with my health,  balance and happiness firmly out in front.

And for 9.38pm on a Friday night, that’ll do for now.

Have a great weekend peeps.

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