About (my) Face

I went to a seminar recently with Andreia Brazier and Chris Dufey. I was REALLY hoping it would be a mind – expanding experience where I learned heaps of new things and expert advice on fat loss for female competitors.

Well, that didn’t really happen. I really enjoyed meeting both Chris and Andreia but I sat on the plane coming home, I really had to stretch to think of a single new thought/concept that had been presented during the day.

And I get that in this age of hyper-access to information – it’s pretty hard to have a 100% new idea. But even a consistent message across the day would have been great. Things like being told “Never eat carbs with breakfast” only to be told a few minutes later “if carbs at breakfast works for you,  do it”. :/

In fact “different things work for different people” was the concept that everything seemed to come back to. Which is great, and probably quite accurate – but probably less than I was expecting from a $250 seminar session. Also less awesome was the setting in a warehouse/shed style gym which in the bucketing Melbourne winter weather was so cold and loud it was a struggle to hear at all.

Ergh, I really didn’t want to have a whinge but I accidentally have. You live and learn…..

And on learning,  one thing Andreia Brazier does that I find interesting is to include supplements specifically for her hair, skin and nails in her crazy (Poliquin) list of supps daily.

I think it makes sense. We train and diet to compete in a show where in the bikini and fitness model divisions,  we are judged (at least partly) on our beauty.

So in my regular iHerb frenzy I bought myself this to try:


Okay, so the name is gimmicky (I’ve been prancing about the kitchen each morning saying “It’s day two Darling, am I beautiful yet??” to whomever is awake). But the fact that the trio of supplements is in its own little pouch for the day is handy and cute.

This is where embarrassingly admit that I don’t really know what they are made up of. So I took a pic of the label too 🙂


So, we’ll see if I am somehow going to morph into a babe in the next 28 days!

In beauty and health (and sorry about the ranty-pants)