Finding happiness in strange places…

So, I’m away with the Captain and kids at the moment in a ridiculously beautiful part of the world. There is a whole lot of happiness right there in that sentence. So much happy.

But I was talking with my beloved Captain last night about happiness as I danced around in an ankle-deep bathtub containing some of our clothes and laundry liquid from home. Because washing clothes in unconventional ways while travelling makes me happy. It really does.


To be honest, it’s probably not the act of the washing itself (though it can be pretty fun to stomp and dance in a tub) but the feelings and memories it evokes. I grew up in a family where ‘frugal’ is definitely a compliment. Where our gypsy traits are joked about but never ignored. Where if you have the ability to travel, you do. And if you can save a buck while doing it, you must.

So, this swishing of smalls in hotel rooms reminds me of so much. Dodgy motels on the road with my mum and brother. Backpacker hotels as a family – ’nuff said. Being billeted out to host families all over the world. Travelling light as honeymooners. Travelling with a baby who spat up (polite term for erky milk vomit) more often than he ate. Last year travelling with the Captain and our two babies all together for the first time. So many good times. All requiring clean delicates.

The Captain doesn’t share my immense personal delight in hand washing on holiday. He thinks it’s a bit amusing. But he’s smirking in clean pants.

What about you? Is there something ‘odd’ that is a source of happiness for you? Changing tires, waiting in rollercoaster queues…

Whatever it is, smile and breathe it in. Feel the joy store up inside you and strengthen you against the things that will try to bring us down.

Love from the suds,


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