Life Cycle of a Blogger

It’s been said that bloggers attitudes and commitment to their writing is cyclical. The same is often true of those that make epic changes to their health and weight.

After a quiet start where the personal benefits of the activity were huge, the interest and attention is minimal.

As the effort continues and the results and personal benefits increase so does the attention.

At the peak of the effort, the attention is quite high as are the results but the personal benefits may or not be increasing.

I think the scientific term for that is ‘point…meh’. After that, stuff gets slow. Or fat.

It’s not that I don’t love writing. Or training.  I do. I’ve written everyday and thought about my goals everyday that I have been away from the blog.

But it’s not driving me, this stuff I’ve felt like writing lately. It’s not the honest-to-Batman crazy that’s in my heart and head. And as a good friend once scolded told me – if it’s not the honest truth, it’s just bad blogging.

So, it’s time to let the crazy back out onto the page. Less worrying about who reads this and a bit more thinking about the girl it helps to write it.

Seatbelt Fastened,


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