Too Many Balls…

Let’s face it – I’m an over achiever.

Wait. Not that awesome type of over-achiever who actually gets to be a NASA scientist, Michelin Star chef, acclaimed romance novelist, mum of four and accomplished accordion player. I’m just the type who pushes herself to do MORE. All. Of. The. Time.

I mostly think this is a great idea. To feel challenged and constantly reaching up. But on a mock resume the other day I had to write up a list of my commitments.

  • I am a mum of two children under 7.
  • Married to a shift worker who often travels away.
  • Works near-full-time at a Community Centre in children’s health and wellness
  • Is a personal trainer with a full roster of clients
  • Is a competing bikini division member of the INBA
  • Runs – a small label of in-house custom bridal and formal wear.
  • Is an Isagenix fan and therefore am often asked about the products and how I use them to ‘live lean’ which was the goal for this year.

And I realised I’m tired.

People often ask me what I’m going to give up and my answer is always – anything that I don’t love.

I love it all.

Some is blood. I’d give it all for my children.

Some is passion.

Some is responsibility. And I don’t shy away from that.

It’s a lot of balls to have in the air at once.