All the dumb stuff I’ve done….


As I sit here typing with a big burn on the side of my neck caused by a lack of due care and attention while in charge of a hair straightener – I started to ponder all of the dumb sh*t I’ve done over the years because of how I feel about how I look.

Crappy diets that starved me, diet pills that made me shake, creams to reduce the size of my thighs that made my skin burn and gave me hard-to-explain rashes.

Waxing my eyebrows thin, growing them out bold, tanning myself chocolate, avoiding all sun like an albino Alaskan because it looks so good on Nicole Kidman.

Going blonde.

Boob padding, clothes-layering and fat tummy/fat thighs/ fat bum compression until I felt like a sausage that might burst open and explode on a BBQ causing a fat-fire of shame.

It’s a long bloody list.

But why? I freely admit to being vain. I like to like how I look. But I’m a bit fascinated with HOW I come to the conclusion of what I like. I don’t read fashion magazines. I very rarely watch TV shows or movies where the focus of the female characters is on being attractive. Is it really the beauty industry so subtly surrounding me that the pressure to look a certain way to feel pretty just ‘is’.

An unavoidable fact of modern life?


I don’t actually know the answer. But I’d love to. For now – tell me the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in the pursuit of beauty!



6 thoughts on “All the dumb stuff I’ve done….

  1. So, so many! Too many to list but one which springs to mind readily is the home waxing accident with too-hot wax which left me with a burn moustache. Because that’s so much easier to disguise/explain than a bit of peach fuzz!

  2. I’m with Cat. Way too many to list! Once I put pre-tanning booth cream on that made my skin burn like I was being attacked by fire ants…..the girl at the salon told me it was perfectly normal!
    By the way, I love those photos of you, you look so healthy and vibrant!

    • Argh – gotta love it when they say stuff like that. The magical fat-burner cream burned like the devil and gave me a red-butt like a baboon and when I mentioned it to the sales lady later she was ecstatic because ‘the stinging means that it’s working’. Uh – no.
      And thank you, that’s too kind of you! xx

  3. One of my biggest areas of interest is bridging the gap between the “fitness industry” and that of the “health sector.” Unfortunately, being “fit” is often equated solely with aesthetic outcomes, regardless of the costs in actual health to reach them. I always tell people that and improved appearance is the best side-effect of focusing on long-term health, but the focus MUST be primarily on long-term health. Sometimes the fitness industry is a lot like used-car sales – shining up the paint on the body of the car doesn’t mean the engine is running properly. Fat-burners, shortcut pills, and fad diets are all great examples. Great post, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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