All the dumb stuff I’ve done….


As I sit here typing with a big burn on the side of my neck caused by a lack of due care and attention while in charge of a hair straightener – I started to ponder all of the dumb sh*t I’ve done over the years because of how I feel about how I look.

Crappy diets that starved me, diet pills that made me shake, creams to reduce the size of my thighs that made my skin burn and gave me hard-to-explain rashes.

Waxing my eyebrows thin, growing them out bold, tanning myself chocolate, avoiding all sun like an albino Alaskan because it looks so good on Nicole Kidman.

Going blonde.

Boob padding, clothes-layering and fat tummy/fat thighs/ fat bum compression until I felt like a sausage that might burst open and explode on a BBQ causing a fat-fire of shame.

It’s a long bloody list.

But why? I freely admit to being vain. I like to like how I look. But I’m a bit fascinated with HOW I come to the conclusion of what I like. I don’t read fashion magazines. I very rarely watch TV shows or movies where the focus of the female characters is on being attractive. Is it really the beauty industry so subtly surrounding me that the pressure to look a certain way to feel pretty just ‘is’.

An unavoidable fact of modern life?


I don’t actually know the answer. But I’d love to. For now – tell me the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in the pursuit of beauty!



Tag – You’re Sh*t.

Let’s get this clear right out of the box.

I used to own a business that had multiple offices and many staff.

I ALSO used to weigh closer to 300lbs than I ever would have admitted.

I trained in a gym for A LONG TIME before my body looked like someone who trains in a gym.

Today doing the rounds of the interwebz is a screen-shot of a bitchy nothing taking a snarky stab at people in this weight bracket who chose to go to a gym to train. Huh, what a mole?!

tag you're shit block

So, this creature thinks women (or is it just one woman?) over 300lb are disturbing. Well, I think bullying is disturbing. And don’t get me started on bad grammar.

But she TAGGED herself at the gym where she was clearly training and those same 300lb people that she so clearly wishes to not see exercising also were.

She’s rude, wrong and way out of line. But for me, I keep coming back to the fact that a business (whose entire basis for operating is improving the health and fitness of the widest possible market share it can get it’s hands on) has been implicated in this mental peanut’s crappy behavior.

Is it right for them to be copping the flack from such a comment going viral? Probably not.

Fairly or unfairly, a business reputation is built on not only what you say and do but what those associated to you say and do. In this age of social media, that web gets cast pretty darn wide and is bound to catch some turds. Would you allow your own business and living to be marred because someone does something stupid while aligning themselves with you?

Is it a fantastic opportunity for them to show support to the majority of gym-goers who AREN’T the poster children (yet) of fitness but who are in there paying fees and slogging it out anyway? – HECK YES IT IS.

Stand up SnapFitnessCaloundra and be good enough to show your members that they are valued, regardless of where they are right now and that you won’t tolerate bullies in your gym.

Maybe you want to pop over to their facebook page and shoot them a message to encourage them to stand up for ALL of their members and developing a happier, safer and all-round more awesome training ground for everyone.

And if I was that judgmental pelican’s SEXXAAAY personal trainer – I’d be very happily down one client from today. Bullies are way not sexxaaay.

Peace out,