Stuff I Tried this Week – Alkaline Extreme Protein

Something new for the blog – stuff I tried! I try a lot of things. Partly because I’m a curious cat, mostly because I have a problem with internet impulse purchasing. So I’ll blog regularly (lol, I’ll try!) about some of these and my thoughts. Mostly these will be things that I have bought for myself however, I have been approached by a few groups to try their products and give them feedback. I will ALWAYS let you know if I have been given a product and even if I have, my thoughts and opinions on the product will ALWAYS BE MY OWN. That’s sorta how I roll. If you are a company or have a product that you want me to try, feel free to have a read of this page here. And yes, I did just blatantly suggest that I will accept free stuff. Don’t judge me. Everyone loves free stuff.

Anyway!! This week I tried….



(Not a free product or sponsored post!)

What is it?

I’d heard quite a lot about it and whenever I’ve asked my facebook friends for suggestions on protein powders and flavours to try, it’s ALWAYS been suggested. Mostly with wacky but amazing sounding flavours like lemon cream pie and cinnamon roll! What??

Why alkaline? According to their website, the protein has been mixed to buffer lactic acid and push it out of your system and is supposed to therefore do all sorts of magical things. I honestly have NO idea if that is a real thing but it sounds good and as lots of my friends love it and the proteins/carbs/fats breakdown of the shake were great I thought I would give it a go.

As far as ingredients go, they are pretty good. I can read and understand all of the ingredients and I’m no scientist 🙂 To give you an idea of the nutritional breakdown, here is the panel from one of the ones I tried:


What did I get?

The problem with buying protein is that it tends to come in HUGE packets which is a problem if you’ve never tried it. And you hate it. Been there, done that, still having shakes I despise or trying to hide that powder in cooking. The very cool thing about Alkaline Extreme Protein is that they do have some sample tubs and I found a couple of ‘take n shake’ type singles serves. I was going for a maximum amount of flavours to try for minimal expense. I ended up with:

alkalineextremechocpeanut2 x 114g sample tubs. I got 1 x Chocolate peanut butter and 1 x Mochaccino

2 x single serve ‘shake & take’ bottles. 1 x Lemon Cream Pie and 1 x Cinnamon Roll

I can’t recall exactly, but I think these cost about $35 or so including crazily fast delivery.

So whaddya think?

I really like this stuff! I’ll preface it by saying that I’ve been living a very low sugar/carb diet for a very long time but the only issues I have is that they taste SO SWEET to me. Like crazy dessert-buffet sweet. But it’s awesome.

I tried the Lemon Cream Pie shaker first. It mixed super beautifully in the little bottle (like an OJ bottle). The powder smelled crazy yum. From first sip, I recoiled a bit at how sweet it was. Again, keep in mind that I have so little sugar that I can’t tolerate fresh apple juice anymore as it freaks my tastebuds out. But the flavour was awesome. Surprisingly, I gave the Captain a sip and he wasn’t a fan at all. He was heading out so didn’t elaborate but I think it was also the sweetness that got to him. The issue I have with really boutique flavours is that it’s harder for me to ‘hide’ my protein powder in real foods when I am trying to have them as something other than a shake. I couldn’t really imagine Lemon Cream Pie in a brownie mix or similar, but as a shake it was great.

I mixed up a shake from the Chocolate Peanut Butter sample tub the next day. Texture was great, chocolately-ness was good. Weirdly, I think I don’t personally like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Love chocolate, love peanut butter – not sure I like them together. But the shake was good.

I tried the Cinnamon Roll shaker at the gym after a workout. HOLY SNAPPING POOP – I loved it. Seriously loved. Yes, it seemed crazy sweet but the flavour was amazing. I was immediately transported to a world where I would make cinnamon roll pancakes, cinnamon roll overnight oats or just have this shake a dozen times a day. That good. Kid#1 said it stank out the car and that he hated it. He wasn’t drinking it, just sniffing me. What can I say, the kid’s a bit weird.

This afternoon I’ve tried the Mochaccino. Coffee and cofffe-type flavours are hard to impress me with and the powder smelled a little weird. But.. It’s good, and strangely was more good  better after I left it for a few minutes (not intentional, kid#2 did this with a vegemite sandwich:


Would I buy it again?

Yep, I think I would. Especially that cinnamon roll. ZOMG I loved it. I’m not 100% sure on the alkaline benefits (only because I haven’t researched it)  but do know that I like the way they taste and I can make them fit my macros and meet my nutritional goals. Which for a protein powder is about all that I ask 🙂

You can find out more about them here –

Talk soon,


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