Survived Christmas. Now onwards!

Contest prep over Christmas was a little bit blergh. I was so thrilled at the way my family supported a healthier Christmas lunch so that I was able to eat everything on the table (okay,  not the pavlova,  but the rest of it). I was really happy with how I got to eat and enjoy the day and stay on track for my goals.

I woke up on Boxing Day looking leaner than usual!

Then….. left-overs. I ate all of the foods. Which would be fine if I was sitting and celebrating with my family. But I was just mindlessly grazing. In fact, some was eaten by the light of the open fridge door. Oh the shame.

Cue the enormous sore and swollen ‘ I ate gluten and ALL THE THINGS yesterday ‘ tummy.

So, it’s done now. Back to normal and eating the foods I like and are suited to my goals. Long story short – I loved Christmas. I was happy with the way I got to eat and enjoy the day. It’s by far the best that I have handled food and alcohol over Christmas in a long time. Just next year, I’m not bringing any leftovers home.

How did you go?


2 thoughts on “Survived Christmas. Now onwards!

  1. You know what Sailor? I reckon the visual difference is marginal, at best. Its how it *feels* that leaves much to be desired!
    I didnt chow down too much really. Sweets have been berry based desserts, mostly. As I didnt host Xmas dinner or lunch, I have NO LEFTOVERS at all!!! Imagine that.
    (I do, however, have a tray of excellent mince pies that I am enjoying eating just a half with a coffee for morning tea…yummo)
    Fizz and the occasional carona with lime have also been a constant temptation… but Ive enjoyed all that Ive consumed. 🙂

  2. Thanks Lovely. I swear I’m pretty huge today! But yes, in reality it’s much more about how I feel. Your Christmas sounds great! We stayed very berry-based for our desserts too, was delish. I’m not swayed by fruit mince pies but your plan with coffee sounds great!
    Yes, I had been alcohol free for almost a month before Christmas and while it was nice to have a few glasses, I’m kind of glad to be heading back to sober-town for a while now!

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