Here in the corner, Losing my (food) religion

food religionSomeone asked me the other day what I “believed in” as far as my diet. I was a bit confused.

So they clarifed for me. “Are you paleo, or a Poliquin, or a macro person etc?”

Oh. So they were looking for my food belief system. Hmm.

I think I might be food agnostic.

You see, when I’m preparing for a show there is one rule. I follow the rules my trainer provided and that is it. It’s a very black and white, very clear food belief system. You are getting it right – or you are getting it very wrong. There is no wriggle room. There may well be picketing and hateful signs if you ate an icecream. It’s an extremist food belief.

But I’m not doing that now.

So I’m finding myself quite regularly questioning what I should ‘follow’ as far as my diet is concerned. Do I drink the paleo koolaid and live like a caveman? Do I join the macro-flock and eat a McDonalds cheeseburger because the maths says I can?

It’s not helping with my feelings of being a little lost. In fact it’s 9.23am and I haven’t had breakfast yet because I haven’t decided what I believe in today.

So what do you believe in with your nutrition?



6 thoughts on “Here in the corner, Losing my (food) religion

  1. I used to believe in stuffing my face because I could and firmly believed if I didn’t eat all the yummy things in my pantry RIGHT NOW, someone else would beat me to them (yes, I live alone). Now, I believe in fuel, nourishment and freshness. I don’t think there’s a label for it because it’s what works for me and is flexible to my needs (& sometimes wants). After all those years of eating because I thought I enjoyed it, it’s been an interesting time to learn to listen and anticipate my body’s needs but I’m also enjoying it. What I consume now is focused on balance between helping me achieve my running goals and being reasonable about what’s going to help me function at my very best.

  2. Hmmm – tricky question. If I had to get out my Brother P-Touch and whack a label on my “diet”, I would say that I’m “individualised, conscious Paleo”. And by that I mean the basic structure of my approach to food is Paleo, with adaptations based on observations about my personal reactions to foods and the consciousness about whether what I’m sticking in my gob will have a positive or negative effect on me and my long term health and well being, and making the decision accordingly. In practical terms, that means that I’m Paleo but I eat white rice and dairy because I don’t have a problem with them. If I notice a problem, then the likely culprit is eliminated on a temporary or permanent basis. But sometimes, if I just want the damn cupcake, flour and sugar be damned, I’ll indulge in the cupcake, knowing full well that I’m going to be sick and feel terrible afterwards but also knowing it’s a once-off not to be repeated for a long time exception to the general rule and that I will enjoy every second of it while it feels good. As soon as all that stops working for me, then I’ll change it to something that does.

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