Sweaty-Bettie – A minor snag…

zaggora wash

Yup. But I live on the frozen island remember?

The instructions on the swing tags says that I need to gently hand wash in cool water with mild detergent and drip dry in the shade. Shade? SHADE? I haven’t seen the sun in months!

I tried it yesterday afternoon and the bottom half of the pants are still wringing wet. Not that I can wring them. Urgh.

I did see on the online store that you can purchase a Zaggora wash bag and in that listing it mentions you can machine wash them on the proviso that it’s in this magic bag, cold water, mild detergent, gentle cycle and you sacrifice a small farm animal for luck during the rinse cycle.

Okay, so I made that last bit up but it still sounds a hell of a lot easier than watching neoprene drip dry for 23 hours of each day! Will be purchasing a generic large wash bag and continuing this experiment with the assistance of my trusty washing machine.


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