The Sweaty-Bettie Project – aka Zaggora 2 Week Trial

Excitingly, I’ve been asked by the kind people at Zaggora to be a ‘ZaggoraGirl’ and try their products and provide a review and feedback.

Awesome, you may say. Exciting, perhaps you’ll exclaim. But WHAT THE HELL IS A ZAGGORA? is what you’ll most likely say.

Okay, well the basic premise is that the are a workout clothing line whose products ‘burn more calories with our heat generating fabrics whenever you are active’.

The explanation and more science-y stuff from Zaggora can be found here –

So my layman’s understanding is: you get hot, your body expends more energy trying to cool you down (including producing sweat) and that extra energy expenditure is the extra calories you burn.

Huh. Seems cool enough. Then they make MASSIVE claims like ‘Lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks’. That sort of stuff makes me nervous. I openly have an issue with any product that claims you can achieve significant weight/size loss without any effort. To be fair, you do need to be wearing your hotpants while you train each day for the two weeks and keeping your nutrition in check, so I’m prepared to give it a go.

And before my mum emails me angrily – yes, I do realise I no longer need or want to lose two jeans sizes (being an AU sz 4 would be a bit much) but a significant reduction in centimetres will be considered a win for them.

SO, here begins the challenge.

Stats – While I am in competition training, my weight, measurements and skin folds (body fat percentage) are taken each Sunday by my coach (Corey from Motivate Fitness Solutions). So we already have a baseline and I’ll share the drops with you for the next two weeks.

I train 6 days a week already, with a mix of strength training and some cardio. I won’t change my training.

I eat very specifically already to prepare for competing, so this won’t change at all.

Basically, I am already training and eating in a way that will see me lose centimetres in this two week challenge period. What we will be looking for is any sign of increased speed or ease of achieving my goals and any specific shrinking of my pesky ‘trouble spots’ of lower abs and thighs.

Day One:

The pants arrive quickly from Zaggora in the UK. The pair I have been sent to try are these ones Hotpants 2.0 Medium (indicates the longer length as the standard ones are above-knee shorts)


According to the chart, I suggested I would be a size small and that is definitely what I got. They go on quite well, though the thicker neoprene-family fabric is a little disconcerting as I’ve never worn a wetsuit but I imagine it’s exactly the same. Great fit through the legs and butt and only a fraction gappy at my back and waist but I’m pretty sure that is more about my dimensions than the pants.

They make a SWOOSH sound when I walk. I probably shouldn’t say this out loud as I get the feeling it’s one of those things that you don’t notice until you do and then you can NEVER not hear it. It’s not super loud, but I hear it.

A couple of minutes of just walking around the house getting ready and I could feel that my legs were a little warmer. Not sweaty (to my knowledge) or uncomfortable, just warmer. Given that I live on a frozen island, anything that delivers warmth that quickly is an advantage.

Training was great. I honestly could have been wearing any of my other tights and not known the difference. The only minor things were that I was aware of the compression/limit of stretch when doing sumo squats and I had an air-bubble in them while doing squats and I could feel the bubble moving up and down my leg as I did each rep!

I did burn more calories than normal. BUT I also had great focus and don’t know I can attribute it all to my fancy pants. Maybe though?

Zaggora day One

I’m not sure if it’s related to the pants but I noticed it took a little longer for my heart rate to drop back down as well. I turn my heart rate monitor off as soon as I am finished stretching so wouldn’t have recorded the extra calories here but there might be something in that.

And now for the icky stuff – driving home from the gym, still wearing my Zaggoras. I stopped into the supermarket on my way and as I hopped out I noticed a super dodgy looking wet spot on my car seat. Nope, hadn’t peed my pants but it looks as though sweat escaped from the crotch seams while I was sitting down. Nice. From now on I’ll be changing at the gym or driving home sitting on a towel.

When I levered myself into the pants, I’d thought to myself how impossible that were going to be to get out of. Uh, no. There was so much sweat inside them that they practically flew off in a slick of grossness. Definitely a ‘straight into the shower’ moment. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I really hate sweat.

The upside of all of this is that I didn’t FEEL sweaty at any point. The pants weren’t wet to the touch and apart from the car seat drama, I wouldn’t have known how sweaty I was until I was ready to take them off.

Overall, good Day One! I’ll continue to record and check in to let you know how they work out!


Sailor Vee

9 thoughts on “The Sweaty-Bettie Project – aka Zaggora 2 Week Trial

  1. Can’t wait to read the coming days SV. I’ve heard a lot about them, but the price tag puts me off for something so unknown.

  2. I have seen these and have avoided them because of hating that sweaty feeling. I often wear two pairs of compression pants to keep warm and dry. I can’t wait to see your results.

  3. Hey Bella, knowing what I do about Horses neck sweats im sure I know how slick they came off. I’ll definitely be checking in at each post.
    You go girl.
    Im signing up for Maxines Burn Challenge as soon as I finish this post to you,
    Think Im going to get my ass kicked. Woohoo Ive waited so long for something like this to come along and challenge me. Even have the backing of hubby as he has seen how my ody has changed so far just with 12WBT.

  4. Sounds cool,I used something similar and it worked but alot of it was water great which was great for me bc I tend to retain water. Would love to see the change in body fat percentage at the end of your experiment.

  5. Interesting blog, I am not sure what I think about these pants. They do look great and I would be curious to know more. I prefer gym clothes that are flexible and will move with me during any excercise I do, and that are made to breathe. I will be interested to see what you follow up with.

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