Sailor Vee eats Pudding for Breakfast

I do. It’s true.

It’s getting fricking cold here on the island. Really cold in the mornings especially. I do like porridge but have about reached my boredom level with it and (given it’s likely to make a pretty big place in my competition preparation diet if I compete later this year) am giving it a rest. But where does that leave me for a healthy breakfast?

  • Love oats – but over porridge
  • Love eggs – but chronically too lazy too cook much at breakfast time
  • See above point, must cook in less than 3 minutes, preferably without me touching it
  • I know that I need a good balance of carbs/protein/good fats in my morning meal to keep me awesome all day
  • Must be warm. Maybe even hot. Some mornings it must be liquid magma hot to counteract our freezing island climate

Enter, the latest breakfast invention.

Breakfast pudding

Sailor Vee’s Banana Oat Breakfast Pudding

  • 1 x small banana, mashed
  • 1 egg
  • 1tbs chia seeds (black or white is fine)
  • 1/2 cup of quick oats
  • (If the mix is looking super dry I sometimes add a tiny dash of low fat milk)
  • (I find the banana makes it sweet enough, but you could add a little stevia if you wanted)


Mash banana, mix in egg, throw in oats and chia, mix until combined. Microwave for 2-3 minutes until set.

(Calories 353, Carbohydrates 50g, Protein 16g, Fats 16g)

**As the picture shows, I fairly frequently mix up what I throw in here. Sometimes I use sultanas instead of banana, and really you could use whatever makes you happy. To increase the protein percentage without upping the calories too much you could easily add another egg white or two.


Warm regards from the frozen island,


4 thoughts on “Sailor Vee eats Pudding for Breakfast

  1. Haha i have that nearly every morning but will change the banana for strawberries or blueberries minus the egg….. yummy

  2. Dear Ms Vee,

    Thank you for this lovely recipe. I make up my own Muslie which varies week to week but has oats chia seeds amongst nuts and other seeds. I only had one sad large banana left to my name. I put half in the mix and the other half I sliced and put on the plate. I had a bad night with my 6 yo scared of her new room so I woke up at 8.30 starving and tired and needing something to give me some energy. Plus. I didn’t have much milk. I gave most of the milk to my little one, left just enough for coffee. Got out my 2 cup Pyrex jug mashed up 1/2 my sad banana, added an egg and mixed it with the banana, & added 1/2 a cup of my Muslie mixed it in the same Pyrex cup and shoved it in the microwave for 2 mins. Pulled it out did look a bit dry so I had a tblspoon of some mango Queensland yogurt mmm not low fat but very nice and no preservatives. Btw I also mix moccona coffee with a teaspoon of cappuccino mix and put a tbspn of milk. Sitting on the morning sun I’m in heaven obviously no gold star as 500 cals but I’m full and can take on the world feeling and considering I had broken sleep and a fridge and pantry that is sad. Plus all i have extra to wash up is a fork and pyrex dish, thought I would send to you a quick thank you for a first class breakfast. Very original. All best xx.

    Kind regards,

    Michelle Sent from iPad

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