Me + 500 Days – 43kg

I had a busy day. I was at work (yep, back to gainful employment) and then I did a workout and only then did I get a chance to check out my phone.

One of my lovely friends who has been a constant companion on this lose weight/gain life adventure pointed out that we signed up to the 12wbt program 500 days ago today.

It bounced around in my little head for quite a while. And as I was walking, on my own – I recorded a quick note about what 500 days has meant for me.



11 thoughts on “Me + 500 Days – 43kg

  1. Thank you. I’m about to embark on 500days & hope to achieve what you have achieved, health, fitness, energy and are an inspiration cos I weight the same as you did when you started..thank you again!!

    • Nikki, that is GREAT news! Make sure you pop back in here or to my facebook page and let me know how you are going or if there is anything at all I can help with!! xx

  2. I’ve just seen this and can honestly say that this is truly inspirational! Although I am heavier and older than you the reasons behind wanting to lose weigh are exactly the same :-). I’m 6 months into my journey and haven’t felt this good about myself for a long time! Thank you for sharing your story with us all x

    • Thank you!! I love that you stop in so often to see me .xx. Six months in is AWESOME. It’s not always easy, but I promise it will always be worth it. Amazingly, I’ve reached that point where I really don’t care what I weigh, but I DO love how I feel.

  3. Hi Bella! My Gosh your story is inspiring! I love it! I can’t believe that’s you in the before photos! I loved volunteering Nd being part of your team at finale! I have always had a mindset problem with teams. Fear of letting the team down, so it was a big step for me to volunteer to be part of one! Better than that I’ve talked to a few of the other girls and we are going to meet for SSS!!!! I’m not only going I’m organising it! Three of us met on the doors with you as our team leader so we are going to be Bella’s Angels! We will send you a pick soon. I’ve been told I’ve inspired others to join 12wbt which made me think who do I admire, obviously Michelle but who else…. I thought if you! I have started lean and Strong And have already learnt a lot! This round is going to be fun! Well Miss Tasmania so glad we found you! Good luck for the magazine interview!

    • Thanks Lovely!!! The fates could not have been any kinder putting you on my door team for finale huh?? I adored getting to meet you and the fact that you are a total door and people handling whizz was a total bonus. How exciting that you guys are getting together – send me photos, skype me, and keep me in the loop. Can’t wait to see how you go this round and beyond xx

  4. Wow, what an inspiration… the part that I loved the most was in the video how you said.. “What would you give to be the person you wanted to be in 500 days time? Because I would have given anything”

    Hear hear… thanks for sharing x

    • Thanks Stef. I actually re-watched this today and it’s still just as raw in my head as it was the day I recorded it. Just as much as it’s nice to be on the ‘other’side of the weight loss adventure now I enjoyed every single one of those days and everyone since and beyond as well. Thanks for commenting and come back to say hi more often!!

  5. Hi, I ended up on your blog on one of those ‘how-did-I-get-here’ internet trips, started reading and here I’ve stayed. Partly because your weight loss/health gain and attitude are inspirational and I’m 2 days into my first round, with the same starting weight but mostly because of your writing ‘voice’ and your compassion. There’s a real sense of ‘no man(or woman) gets left behind’ here and I really appreciate it, thank you x

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