The PT that I want to Be

I’ve had a busy week so far thinking about my future. I love that these days, thinking about my future is exciting and unlimited and only scary in that ‘I don’t know what will happen but I like it’ sort of way.

To supplement my study, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about being a personal trainer and how to be successful.


I guess that is the thing that’s been bouncing around this tiny head of mine all week. What will ‘success’ mean to me as a trainer? Will it be selling a million sessions a week and making many many monies (as kid#1 explains earning capacity)? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the dollar but it’s not really a motivator for me.

Will I be successful if I make people faster, stronger, leaner, more muscular and generally healthier? I think so. But the books want me to define right now WHO I’ll train and WHAT I’ll train them for. To use my personal experience to it’s best advantage.

But I’ve been every weight from ‘freaking skinny’ to categorically obese and only now am finding my happy healthy place in the middle. I’ve plugged away gently at weight loss and complete nutrition change to escape obesity. I’ve followed a strict diet and exercise regimen to prepare for an event in a short time frame. In doing so I’ve fallen in love with weights and body sculpting. So if I need to refine what part I want to share with people it gets confusing for me.

I LOVE training to a set date, so could I specialise in event preparation? Weddings, holidays, photo shoots and the like are sometimes the kick in the pants that people need to revolutionise the way they feel about their health and fitness. Hell knows I’ve heard about an event in September that has me thinking about my own figure…

And I LOVE LOVE the way that growing stronger physically has made me a stronger person in so many other ways. I think everyone can benefit from strength training in some way. It’s something that speaks to me and is transforming my body and confidence.

But where I felt most alone was at my highest weight. As an obese person in a gym, it can be pretty lonely and overwhelming. I feel so strongly that there are better approaches to training people with significant amounts of weight to lose that I know I would like to work on this too.

I was getting a bit overwhelmed that I wanted so much. That I want to work with ALL of the people with ALL of their goals. I don’t want to make a box for myself to live and work within. It seems presumptuous of me to say that my book on being a personal trainer is wrong before I even qualify though. It says to make a clear goal. So I clarified what I want as far down as I can right now:

My number one goal as a trainer will be to listen and then help people go from unhappy to happy. Wherever that is for THEM.

Happy Sunday!

Sailor Vee


3 thoughts on “The PT that I want to Be

  1. I think your last remark about making people happy is the best motivator for what ever their goals are to start thier journey, thigs may change in that journey but its the Happy destination we all need.

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