I promise I was fat.

Hi Everybody

I’ve had lots of lovely new visitors to the blog after being featured on Michelle Bridges 12wbt facebook page and being interviewed on the 12wbt blog  – and it’s been an overwhelming experience receiving so much positive feedback all at once. People are really very sweet.

Funny though, a few people insisted my photos were fakes and horrifically, suggested that I was not ‘fat’ in my before photo, but pregnant instead.

Nope. I was just fat. Really quite fat and carrying it mostly on my abdomen. Kid #2 was actually about 5 months old when the photo was taken. Cue my total horror. ‘Old me’ or not, I still got around living life in that body for a few years and it stings slightly knowing that what I felt people might think and what they DID think were pretty closely aligned.

But it’s totally true, I looked pregnant. I can’t be cranky at anyone for thinking that. But I can be super glad that I was able to turn it around the way that I have.

I’ve promised some people more photos to prove (indeed and for sure) that I was actually fat. I also suggest they read my blog post here about a habit I had with ‘inspirational’ stories prior to deciding to change my own life.

So here we go:

Bella Before Bella Before4 Bella Before3

That was before. This is the direction I’m going in now 🙂

anniversary 536586_4458578977809_1440626264_n

Round 3

And there is no surgery here, no pills or potion. Eat clean, move my ass, repeat.

Thank you again for all of the virtual love and support. Can’t wait to keep working my butt of to share more of the journey with you.

Sailor Vee. xx

12 thoughts on “I promise I was fat.

  1. You truley are an inspiration every time i feel down i am going to look at your photos because it has given me the extra push i needed Thankyou 🙂

  2. Wow girl, what an inspiration – I was umming and aahhing about doing the 12WBT and guess what – you’ve just give me the virtual kick up the butt that I needed. Signed up today x

    • Wow Cindy, that is fantastic. Obviously I’m a huge fan of the program and always feel free to pop in here and ask anything or just check out what I’m up to – I can’t wait to hear how you have gone!

  3. Fabulous! Love your blog! Love your humour! Love your brutal honesty! But most of all love your tenacity. A true inspiration!

    • Thanks Lori! It’s funny how we can grow as people. I would never have used the word ‘tenacious’ for the old me. Can’t wait to hear more from you too xx

  4. Never ceases to amaze me what people think they can say to someone else. I don’t get the doubters but I do get the ones that think they can interfere in my journey. You are amazing, don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different.

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