Less Thinking, More Doing

I got an email this week from a reader looking for some advice on where to get started. Or maybe some motivation. Some of the highlights of the email were:

Which leads me to the reason I am writing to you today.

I want to feel that same glow but I can’t seem to get past the following that linger in my head:

I can’t do it
It’s too hard
I can’t stick to it
I like food
I’ve got too much to loose
Etc etc etc but you get my drift

I honestly believe my biggest battle is the battle going on in my head but I have no idea how to stop it.

Which brings me to you.

I’m open to any suggestions you might have for me.

This is my reply:

Thanks for your email and sorry for the slow reply.

This is a hard one for me to answer (which is part of the reason it’s taken me so long)!

I totally get the being held back by your mind-set. Realistically it’s why my weight stayed as high as it did so long after I started feeling unhappy about how I looked.

I’ve heard it said that we are often led to believe that our heads need to be 100% in the right space before we can lose weight. That we need to have concrete answers to all of our excuses and know the ‘why’ of everything.

The truth as I know it is that you need to just freaking do it.

Stop waiting until you have all the answers to the objections in your head. Stop waiting until you ‘feel’ like you can. Just do.

I promise you I do LOVE food more than most people. When you start to eat well you’ll realise how much more you enjoy food than when you are shoving things into your mouth or eating random things without considering whether it’s something you really want. I don’t eat a single thing I don’t like. I make a deal with myself that I’ll try new things but if after a couple of attempts/recipes I’m still not a fan, it’s out.

In fact, looking back it’s clear I didn’t LOVE food in the past. I loved that I could use it to numb sensations (lonely when Captain away working? Order a pizza. Nervous at a party? Hover near food tables etc). Food was a weapon.

You need to work through the process of what you REALLY want and what you are prepared to do to get it. I wholeheartedly hated being obese. It made me scared and sad and ashamed. But I was a food addict who did no exercise. In my first round, I made a deal that I would do the best I could and start each day fresh when I inevitably screwed up. That I wouldn’t throw in the towel.

I was probably one of the worst participants they’ve ever had – but it got me moving a little bit, and eating much better and my life started to improve from there. Bit by bit I started implementing more and more healthy aspects into my life.

On a practical note – the very best thing you can do to start and evaluate your nutrition is TRACK EVERYTHING. Literally. I use http://www.myfitnesspal.com and both access it on the web but have the free app on my phone. I weigh in and record that weight EVERY DAY. And everything that I eat or drink is recorded on there. When you see everything laid out it becomes second nature to consider the calories and nutrition of everything you eat. Self awareness is a big and important step.

I hope that helps. Thanks for asking the questions and all the best for less thinking, more doing!!

Sailor Vee

Me + 500 Days – 43kg

I had a busy day. I was at work (yep, back to gainful employment) and then I did a workout and only then did I get a chance to check out my phone.

One of my lovely friends who has been a constant companion on this lose weight/gain life adventure pointed out that we signed up to the 12wbt program 500 days ago today.

It bounced around in my little head for quite a while. And as I was walking, on my own – I recorded a quick note about what 500 days has meant for me.



Sailor Vee’s Chili and Lime Prawns – 242 cals

What’s for dinner? So glad you asked!!


Prawns are absolutely one of my favourite foods, and so good in this Summer weather. Low in fat, high and protein and ….wait, I don’t care – prawns are just awesome.

Try them, I know you want to!
Serves One (too good to share!)
242 Calories – 6 grams carbohydrate/7 grams fat/ 39 grams protein

200 grams fresh prawns (shelled)
1tbs fresh Coriander
1tsp dried chili flakes
Juice of 1 lime
1 Lebanese cucumber
½ tsp organic Coconut Oil

In a bowl, combine the lime juice (reserve a little squeeze), half the coriander and the chili flakes. Add the prawns and toss well. Allow to marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes – 2 hours.
Using a vegetable peeler, slice the cucumber into ribbons.
Heat the coconut oil in a wok until hot. Toss in the marinated prawns and stir regularly until a;most cooked through. Add the cucumber ribbons and remaining coriander and stir well to cook and combine.
Serve in a giant bowl with the last flourish of lime juice on top.
If you want a bigger meal (and have the calories spare), this is great served on brown rice, with a green salad or with some fresh avocado through it!


The PT that I want to Be

I’ve had a busy week so far thinking about my future. I love that these days, thinking about my future is exciting and unlimited and only scary in that ‘I don’t know what will happen but I like it’ sort of way.

To supplement my study, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about being a personal trainer and how to be successful.


I guess that is the thing that’s been bouncing around this tiny head of mine all week. What will ‘success’ mean to me as a trainer? Will it be selling a million sessions a week and making many many monies (as kid#1 explains earning capacity)? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the dollar but it’s not really a motivator for me.

Will I be successful if I make people faster, stronger, leaner, more muscular and generally healthier? I think so. But the books want me to define right now WHO I’ll train and WHAT I’ll train them for. To use my personal experience to it’s best advantage.

But I’ve been every weight from ‘freaking skinny’ to categorically obese and only now am finding my happy healthy place in the middle. I’ve plugged away gently at weight loss and complete nutrition change to escape obesity. I’ve followed a strict diet and exercise regimen to prepare for an event in a short time frame. In doing so I’ve fallen in love with weights and body sculpting. So if I need to refine what part I want to share with people it gets confusing for me.

I LOVE training to a set date, so could I specialise in event preparation? Weddings, holidays, photo shoots and the like are sometimes the kick in the pants that people need to revolutionise the way they feel about their health and fitness. Hell knows I’ve heard about an event in September that has me thinking about my own figure…

And I LOVE LOVE the way that growing stronger physically has made me a stronger person in so many other ways. I think everyone can benefit from strength training in some way. It’s something that speaks to me and is transforming my body and confidence.

But where I felt most alone was at my highest weight. As an obese person in a gym, it can be pretty lonely and overwhelming. I feel so strongly that there are better approaches to training people with significant amounts of weight to lose that I know I would like to work on this too.

I was getting a bit overwhelmed that I wanted so much. That I want to work with ALL of the people with ALL of their goals. I don’t want to make a box for myself to live and work within. It seems presumptuous of me to say that my book on being a personal trainer is wrong before I even qualify though. It says to make a clear goal. So I clarified what I want as far down as I can right now:

My number one goal as a trainer will be to listen and then help people go from unhappy to happy. Wherever that is for THEM.

Happy Sunday!

Sailor Vee


Unexpected and Unlikely

So, I took the weird and bold step this week of getting a facebook page to match the blog. It’s brand new and shiny, you can see it – here – 

Wonderfully, surprisingly and a little scarily, I already have over 1500 likers in there. It’s cool and I love you all and I hope I can find some interesting stuff to share with you all now! Eek.

I also got a free coupon code to make a facebook ad for the page. It seemed a little wanky to advertise myself but hey, it was free! So I made a little ad. It was a bit like ‘oh hai, I’m okay. Come hang out at my blog if you like. It’s at http://www.sailorvee.com. No pressure’. It needed a picture so I figured I’d continue the massive over-exposure of my body and used this one:

Bella rnd 3 2011 to rnd3 2012

I got an email this morning. My ad had been rejected. Hmph. But it made sense. Most ads don’t allow you to actually use a website address. I went in to remove it and saw that they’d given me the reasoning behind their ruling.

The image of your ad violates our Ad guidelines. 
We don’t accept "before and after" images, and 
your image depicts unexpected or unlikely results.

What the? Unexpected or unlikely?

I see the benefit of Facebook having this rule. I’d hate to see my before and after be used for a crappo ‘magic pill’ or the ridiculous ‘This mom lost 80lbs by following this one simple tip’ ads that seem to be everywhere.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by close friends who have achieved GREAT things. Bigger weight losses, greater transformations, faster transformations etc. But it sometimes means I forget the magnitude of what I am doing here.

Unexpected or Unlikely.

I like it. It’s a bit of a reminder that what I am working on is not an everyday result. It’s not something that a lot of people have done.

At the end of the day though, my weight loss is not extraordinary and my results really shouldn’t be considered as either unexpected or unlikely.

I’m just a girl, who found her thing. And that thing turned out to be the power I needed to change my whole life. That’s the only unexpected and unlikely part of this whole deal.

And I am grateful every day for it.


Sailor Vee

(nearly) Naked in (almost) Public

So, today was pretty hot here.

A year ago I would have hid in the house trying desperately to stay cool.

This year, I was STINKING hot – but I was sweltering while running around with the kids, heading to the gym, cooking up my weeks meals and playing in the garden. It was awesome.

Best part, in the near-total privacy of my own garden, I got about looking like this:

Bella summer


This is just me. Not in a ‘lean phase’ like I try to be at the end of rounds, not tanned, no heels, not flexing or posing or being anything other than a hot-but-happy mama at home.

I am truly aware that there is A LOT of work to do on my physique. But I also have a whole life to live and enjoy and work towards my goals during. And I’ve come a long way. I’m getting that now.

I’m getting pretty okay with who I am. And that’s an awesome feeling. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to look a bit more like this in next summer’s snaps:

Michelle summer



So it’s been a good day. It’s new for me, being okay in my self.

I’m happy with where I’m at but excited about where I want to go as well.


Sailor Vee

I promise I was fat.

Hi Everybody

I’ve had lots of lovely new visitors to the blog after being featured on Michelle Bridges 12wbt facebook page and being interviewed on the 12wbt blog  – and it’s been an overwhelming experience receiving so much positive feedback all at once. People are really very sweet.

Funny though, a few people insisted my photos were fakes and horrifically, suggested that I was not ‘fat’ in my before photo, but pregnant instead.

Nope. I was just fat. Really quite fat and carrying it mostly on my abdomen. Kid #2 was actually about 5 months old when the photo was taken. Cue my total horror. ‘Old me’ or not, I still got around living life in that body for a few years and it stings slightly knowing that what I felt people might think and what they DID think were pretty closely aligned.

But it’s totally true, I looked pregnant. I can’t be cranky at anyone for thinking that. But I can be super glad that I was able to turn it around the way that I have.

I’ve promised some people more photos to prove (indeed and for sure) that I was actually fat. I also suggest they read my blog post here about a habit I had with ‘inspirational’ stories prior to deciding to change my own life.

So here we go:

Bella Before Bella Before4 Bella Before3

That was before. This is the direction I’m going in now 🙂

anniversary 536586_4458578977809_1440626264_n

Round 3

And there is no surgery here, no pills or potion. Eat clean, move my ass, repeat.

Thank you again for all of the virtual love and support. Can’t wait to keep working my butt of to share more of the journey with you.

Sailor Vee. xx