When am I going to be cool enough for jumpsuits?

When you are obese or overweight, there are clothing items you think about wearing but know it’s either an impossibility or just a very very bad idea. As someone with a pretty keen interest in fashion this always irked me. Not enough to make me do anything about it for a long time, but quite a bit. On my list were things that I’ve always thought looked pretty cool. Things like dark wash skinny jeans with flat long riding-style boots over them. And short sparkly dresses.

Clearly I’ve progressed to the stage where these are very happily a major part of my wardrobe.

But also on the wishlist? The flowy jumpsuit. I’m not sure what it is about them! Maybe it’s because I theoretically fit the criteria that they are supposed to suit? I’m tall, broad shouldered, not particularly (or at all) busty but otherwise pretty proportional.

I like the idea of effortless cool. I like the idea of wearing jersey because it feels like pajamas but looks chic. I like the idea of some of these:


The fear is always there though. What if I look fat? What if it’s a BAD jumpsuit and I look like a poorly stuffed teddy bear?. Like this:


It’s the fashion step I haven’t quite managed to take yet. And yes, I’m aware that I could just go and try one on but a) I don’t try things on in shops and b) I never see anything in the same vein that I’d like when I do venture to the shops. I’m an online shopping kinda girl 🙂

On the upside, my endless browsing has led to finding gems like this. Guess what the Captain will get for Christmas if he doesn’t behave…..



Sailor Vee

7 thoughts on “When am I going to be cool enough for jumpsuits?

  1. Congrats on the blog!
    I love jumpsuits too – but look like humpty dumpty when I try them.
    I don’t mind though, because – to paraphrase a comedian – people that wear jumpsuits have to get nude to pee! ha 😉

    • The peeing thing is an issue! I do think of that. Admittedly last time I realised that was when I was about to click ‘order’ on an adult fleecy all-in-one pajama onesie. I think the peeing nude in mid-winter may have saved me from the biggest fashion blunder of all time. Cheers!! SV

      • They are definitely a Summer wardrobe item 🙂
        To help your searching, also look for ‘playsuit’. Good luck x

      • Thanks. When I think of playsuits I think of the short-shorts type and spiral into a whole other type ‘will I look crap in that?’ conundrum. Cheers though!

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