So, I’ve gone and done something exciting….

I was talking this week with a complete stranger about what my future plans are.

It’s sometimes the best, this speaking to a stranger thing. The people who know and love me are too gentle with me. Afraid to make me feel awkward or hurt me because they know that what happened this year was a horrible way to have left real estate and a career that I loved. That I still really love.

But strangers don’t know this. They know that I’m not currently attached to a high profile company. And that’s it.

So, what are my future plans? As the typical entrepreneur that I am; it’s a multi-pronged attack.

I’m still working very hard on my passion project ‘Catch the Bouquet’. It’s an online store for affordable bridal and evening wear and being the sole trader, sole designer and head honcho of this little gem brings me so much joy. You may have figured out by now that sparkly pretty things are a much valued part of my existence. 🙂

I still have some ties to real estate. I still love it. I’m still great at it. And I never say never. But I am saying ‘not right this second’.

I’ll still be running the blog. Mostly because it’s my clear headspace. It’s where my bottled thoughts can pour out most easily and it appears that this brain spillage is actually amusing/helpful to someone sometimes which makes it doubly worthwhile. I like that I can share the things that have worked for me during my transformation and let you know when things are a little off track. I’ve got plans here for letting loose some more of my recipes and of course, still sharing the journey to the hottest bod I can get with you.

But, I hear you ask, what is the big news??

Today, little old Sailor Vee (who just over a year ago was 112kg and a shell of the person she wanted to be) has signed up to study to become a personal trainer. I’ll be qualified next year.

Um yep. Awesomeness 🙂

The PT qualifications are the first in a long line of study that I want to follow as I move towards my goal of helping people achieve their health, fitness and life goals, however long the road feels in the beginning. And I know how it feels, because I’m still travelling it every day.

So that’s my news. Be prepared for a bright and glorious future. I know I am.

With love and bags of excitement,

Sailor Vee


4 thoughts on “So, I’ve gone and done something exciting….

  1. I seriously love this post. I love the multi faceted plan for world domination/dream fulfillment, I love the passion you have for gorgeous things, I love the courage you live in when you choose to step into new things instead of rest comfortably on your experience in real estate – I love the way you write & I just love you. that is all. Keep shining Bella, it’s bloody brilliant.

  2. A great change in career profession but what an amazing new life you will have. Well done on your achievements sp far and i like most others look forward to reading about your future in progress.


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