A Quick Sailor Vee Re-Cap

The 12wbt Round 3 finale was held in Sydney. Always one to make the most of a weekend away I managed to cram in a photoshoot and interview with Woman’s Day magazine, a fashion parade modelling the One Active by Michelle Bridges line for Big W, the awesome group workout and finale party where I was delighted to pick up an award as Blogger of the Round. Whew. T’was amazing. Here’s some sneaky pics 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Quick Sailor Vee Re-Cap

  1. You were right in front of me at the workout registration desk! I cheered you on in the fashion parade and on stage at the cocktail event, even though we haven’t met I felt like I ‘knew’ you through your posts on this blog. Well done on all you have achieved, and on the recognition through the award. You looked so excited, it was contagious 🙂

    I also congratulated you in my recap of the event http://mb12wbt4me.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/round-3-finale-oh-what-a-day-and-night/

    • Thank you! It’s actually been good for me being away this weekend as I had time to reflect on what I’ve achieved – I sometimes forget where I came from. Still so much more I want to improve on myself but it’s all possible! It’s an amazing program. If I can help out at all , let me know!

    • Hi Janna – thank you! The dress is by UK brand Miss Selfridge (they do sell online and do ship to Aus happily as well). This was one of the last left and I can’t see it on their website anymore BUT they have lots of other amazing beaded things. I’m pretty sure my Brisbane dress is on there, I just haven’t clicked the button yet. Eeek!

      • Ohhh thanks that’s perfect we’re heading to the UK for Xmas in 3 weeks, so I know exactly where I will be shopping!

      • Oooh, so exciting. I’m devastated, the gown I thought I wanted has sold out already. But yes, their stuff is BEAUTIFUL so have fun. (and have a fab time away!)

  2. Hi Sailor, I said hi to you in the live chat once and said I loved your blog! Congratulations on all your success both in weight loss and your blogging. You have been through the mill in regard to your business but look where you are now??, so it must be true what they say ‘you have to close one door for another to open’. You look amazing and I will be sure to find you at the Brisbane finale!! Congrats again 🙂

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