So close….

I fly out in 48 hours.

It’s hard to accurately convey the level of ‘freaked right out of my skull’ I am.

It’s not about the finale (I do love getting frocked up), it’s not about the workout (whats not to love about jumping around with thousands of sweaty happy people?). It’s not even about the AMAZING TOP SECRET stuff I’ll also be doing while I’m there 🙂

It’s about the kidlets.

Leaving kid#1 and baby kid#2 with my mum for 5 days has me off-the-show nervous. A mum’s head is full of the million tiny bits of information needed to keep it together – and there are only so many lists I can write.

So, like always, I’m off to the gym. Lifting heavy won’t get me organised any faster. But it will make me hotter when I finally get there!

Mwah (and see you soon 12wbt peeps)

Sailor Vee


No idea why I'm sideways! 🙂

2 thoughts on “So close….

  1. Have a great time, you so deserve it. I wont be there but for sure in spirit.

    The reason being and they are valid ones are—-
    One I have to work and
    Two my MS would let me down so not even going there with that one, Its not an excuse but I wouldnt like people to second guess unless I wore a shirt that said ” I have MS! whats your excuse”
    When I get hot my right leg shuts down hahah I get the wobbly boot as hubby calls it.

    Its going to be awsome for you all together and the dinner and presentation even better, Make sure you gets heaps of picure to look back on, of your great achievments.

    Have fun 😉

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