I’ll take achievement where it finds me

Hi there.

SO I got this email today from the 12wbt:

You are in the Official Top 15% for Round 3!

What can I say – WOW! I am just going through the results so far for this round and guess what… based on your results, you are in the top 15%!! You have lost a total of -12.54% of your total body weight in Round 3 over the last 11 weeks!!

I have to commend you for coming so far, and for giving this program your all – it’s clearly paid off, and I am SO proud of you.

Now, this round of the 12wbt is not my first time at the rodeo. I’ve done 4 rounds. I’m fractions shy of having lost 40 kilos in total. But I have NEVER had one of these emails.

It’s strange. Part of me (the small and under-utilised rational thinking part) knows that 15% of a very very large pool of members is not a big deal. That these emails probably get sent to many many hundreds of people.

But another part of me craves validation and appreciates it where I find it. And realises that sharing this achievement with many people makes it no less of an achievement by me.

I’m in the top 15% of the Round Three 12wbt members.

And I’m proud of it.

9 thoughts on “I’ll take achievement where it finds me

  1. Hells to the yeah take that & run with it smiling all the way!! Yes 15% is a large number in a large pool but the other 85% is larger! But all the numbers & the other people aside your own achievements are 100% valid deserving of celebration 🙂

  2. Brilliant email and yes, the validation goes a long way to the mind game that weight loss can become. It will give you the oomph you want to continue, but having read your blog for some time now, your mind and body are strong, you are such an inspiring person. Congratulations.


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