No-one calls me skinny.

Just checking in peeps. I’m on the home stretch for this round of the 12wbt and loving every moment of it.

I’m kicking ass in the gym and feeling great.

Operation Short-Term, Hardcore continues. This is what it looks like at the moment:

See the slightly massive grin on my face? It’s because I’m happy.

Being a fit-as bitch makes me happy. And yes, I freely admit that my training today (1500 cals today!!) is not indicative of my forever plans. But moving everyday definitely is.

I’m the girl that loves feeling the aching muscles the next day, that enjoys making up games in my head to ‘beat’ the treadmill, I just love having a body that works.

I ran into friends in the supermarket yesterday that hadn’t seen me since I was pregnant with kid#2. They physically grabbed my shoulders and practically bubbled they were so overcome with how different I’m looking. Do you know what I loved most? The words they used.

Fit. Strong. Healthy.

No-one calls me skinny. No-one uses the word thin. And that delights me.

The old sad girl that yearned for thinness while silencing the fear of not achieving it with food is gone. I barely remember her now.

I’m a healthy, fit, strong woman. And I’m getting healthier, fitter and stronger everyday.


Sailor Vee

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